April 19, 2021


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Instructions On How To Play Hero Symmetra In Overwatch



Although Symmetra is listed on the list of support champions in Overwatch, she is not a replacement for Mercy or Lucio.

She has a lot of useful skills, but healing isn’t part of it. What she does is set up deadly traps with her Sentry turrets and use her ultimate to bring teammates to the battlefield as quickly as possible. If you want to play a support general in Overwatch but do not want to heal the opponent, you want to go kill, then she will be a very great choice.

Skills of Symmetra


Photon Projector (Left / Right Mouse)

The main weapon of Symmetra is an important tool to accumulate energy for her ultimate, so try to use them as often as possible. Using the left mouse button will emit a continuous stream of energy and the longer you use it, the more damage it will take. When using the right mouse button, it will shoot out a ball of energy, though it flies quite slowly, but deals a considerable amount of damage when hit. However, the enemy team could see it flying from quite a distance.

Photo Shield (E)

She will grant an ally a permanent shield on them until they lie down. This skill has a very low cooldown so make sure you give your allies each one.

Sentry Turret (Left Shift)


She can lay out 3 relatively small Sentry turrets (Max 6) on any terrain surface at once. Once the enemy steps close enough, these Sentry turrets will automatically laser at them and the damage done is very high. The Sentry turret can quickly destroy a fragile champion, but it completely cannot replace Torbjorn or Bastion’s turret. Try to place these towers in the paths that the enemy usually goes through so that you can take a few kills easily.

Teleporter (Q)

The main reason that Symmetra is so popular is that she can set up a portal for allies and can help allies move from home to the battle area in a matter of seconds. However, the enemy can find and destroy this teleport gate, so you need to place it in a safe location.

Strategy of Symmetra

As mentioned above that Symmetra will not be suitable for teams that need resilience. So you need to understand situations when you can play this hero instead of picking heroes like Lucio and Mercy.

Another difficult thing about her is that her Sentry turrets, though extremely useful in destroying the enemy, are extremely fragile and can be defeated in just one shot. These Sentry turrets are sometimes only effective on a few maps where she plays a defensive role. If your team has good attention-grabbing champions like Tracer, Bastion, her turrets will be less noticeable and able to better promote their role.

Ultimate Symmetra is really beneficial for your teammates because it takes a lot of time to move out goals in the early game. Sometimes losing 1 or 2 in a row can lead to a loss of goal very quickly. Her teleport can continuously put pressure on the enemy team with our team always present in hot spots when needed.

Choosing the location of the teleport ports is also quite difficult because if we want the gate to be safe, we have to place it far away meaning that our ally will still have to walk a bit. If you put it too close, then put your teammates in danger because no one wants to just resurrect the enemy’s bullet. Please depend on the situation and set your teleport port.