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Instructions on how to play McCree in Overwatch

Instructions on how to play McCree in Overwatch

Instructions on how to play McCree in Overwatch

Do not let McCree ‘s extremely simple skill set fool you, because he is an extremely powerful Overwatch cowboy gun, which can cause dozens of damage with only 6 bullets.

McCree ’s Peacekeeper

Instructions on how to play McCree in Overwatch

If you use the left mouse button, McCree will fire one bullet at a time from his 6-pistol handgun. If you use the right mouse button, he will shoot all 6 bullets continuously forward with very fast speed. You should only use continuous shooting skills when the enemy is close range, preferably as close as possible because the accuracy when his continuous shooting is not high. In addition, this continuous firing skill is also extremely good at breaking Reinhardt’s shield.


McCree will throw a grenade forward and will stun this enemy into its blast. However, its throwing and explosion range was relatively small, but this skill was extremely beneficial. Once the enemy is stunned, use the Peacekeeper right-click to fire 6 bullets continuously and make sure you will defeat the enemy. Only the true generals can survive through combos.

McCree ’s Combat Roll

Instructions on how to play McCree in Overwatch

he will somersault towards where you are moving and reload. This skill is extremely useful in continuously applying pressure on the enemy or escaping from dangerous situations. You will need to count your ammunition to ensure that you will not waste his reloading. When it runs out of ammunition, use it and continue fighting.


Skills that make up a lot of “Play of the match”. When using Deadeye, McCree will begin to look around and lock his sights on the targets in front of him. Once the targets have been chosen, press Q or LMB and he will shoot continuously to knock down each target.

But please note that this skill will be accompanied by a distinctive voice announcing “Discover High Noon” and the opponent will become a lot more careful. So use it wisely, especially in chaotic fighting situations.

McCree tactics

He is a relatively difficult general to play depending on the accuracy of each shot. Practice Flashbang and Peacekeeper combos because it will destroy anyone at close range. Note that the Peacekeeper with the right mouse will fire all the bullets in the gun, so you need to pay attention to the remaining bullets before using them.

Peacekeeper with only 2 bullets left is a waste. Playing this hero means constantly controlling the number of bullets to know when the Combat Roll should be loaded and the Peacekeeper is most effective.

Deadeye has a relatively long target lock time, allowing enemies to hide in areas that McCree cannot see. If possible, pairing with Mei’s Blizzard or Zarya’s Graviton Surge would be great.

If there is no chance to launch Deadeye on the entire enemy team, that’s fine, you do not need to save them. Deadeye can be used to catch 1, 2 opponents are perfectly reasonable. His basic damage and skills are already great, so you don’t need to worry too much about using Deadeye.

His greatest weakness is his lack of survivability and usefulness on the battlefield. His Flashbang can stun multiple enemies at once, however, it is difficult to stun one target, let alone standard time to stun multiple targets.