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Instructions on how to play Mei in Overwatch

Instructions on how to play Mei in Overwatch

Instructions on how to play Mei in Overwatch

Mei is a champion with a strong defensive tendency and good control over a wide area. The ability to freeze multiple targets or delay the opponent’s attacks will make her extremely useful in Overwatch.

Mei ’s Endothermic Blaster

Instructions on how to play Mei in Overwatch

When using the left mouse button, Mei‘s icy gun will shoot icy flows that are capable of slowly freezing the opponent. When the enemy is hit by this skill, the opponent will be slow and slowly will be frozen in a short time.

During the time the opponent froze, right-click to fire an extremely powerful ice bullet to shoot the opponent’s headshot, before the enemy escapes freezing. However, this skill when used will have a short delay for this gun to create an ice bullet, so please take a good time. Ice flow skills will have a relatively short distance while ice bullets have a very long range. Consider which one is reasonable.

Ice Wall

Activating this skill will erect a huge icicle. Anivia’s ice wall in the Alliance is actually very small compared to Mei‘s ice wall when this skill can block a huge passage in Overwatch.

This ice wall also has the ability to block enemy damage, but it will break if received too much damage or will melt if time runs out. Use this skill to block the main paths during enemy attacks and force the opponent to move to other smaller roads.

Mei ’s Cryo-Freeze

Instructions on how to play Mei in Overwatch

When she is in a dangerous situation, Cryo-Freeze will freeze her and cause her to heal and immortal in a short time. With this skill in hand, she can play extremely aggressively and is not afraid of being annihilated. Using this skill will take a lot of time for your teammates to come in time to rescue you.


Like Zarya’s Graviton Surge, Mei‘s Blizzard will be the prerequisite for your teammates to launch finishing skills. She will throw out a drone forward and start freezing everything in the drone’s semi-circle. The radius of this skill is very wide and the damage it causes over time is also quite good, this skill can determine the victory or defeat of a fight very easily.

Mei’s tactics

Her ultimate ability has a wide range, so freezing the opponent’s team is not hard to do. Take advantage of the time the enemy is frozen to shoot headshot ice bullets correctly.

Your task is to regulate the battle, your teammates will benefit a lot if she plays well but at the same time will be a huge burden when she can not promote their abilities. A champion does not have too much damage, and when she is unable to provide a good amount of control skills, she almost becomes completely useless.

Her wall of ice can also put her allies in very different situations. When placing ice walls, you need to monitor the standing position of your teammates so as not to accidentally split your team’s formation or block the retreat of an allied champion.

The ultimate skill Blizzard will need to estimate Mei‘s good distance to be able to correctly place this skill. Blizzard’s range is really great, but the enemy will have a few seconds to get rid of it before it really freezes. Blizzard can be used to freeze enemies, but it can also be used to prevent opponents from infiltrating the target at crucial moments.