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Instructions on how to play Mercy in Overwatch

Instructions on how to play Mercy in Overwatch

Instructions on how to play Mercy in Overwatch

Mercy is the most exemplary support character of Overwatch, her ability to heal allies can help a champion survive the most dangerous battles.

Mercy ’s Caduceus Staff

Instructions on how to play Mercy in Overwatch

The function of Mercy’s staff is similar to that of Lucio’s audio speakers, which will have two functions, one is a yellow light beam capable of healing allies. And when you use the right mouse button, the blue light beam will increase the damage to allies, switching between these two types is very fast so you need to get used to switching between these two types regularly.

However, her staff is not very easy to use because when the mouse pans to where the self-control staff, this is quite difficult in the chaotic fighting phase because you can completely heal the wrong item. pepper.

Caduceus Blaster

After Torbjorn, she is the only character to have a second weapon. This small gun can be used in emergency situations, but most of the time, you will use your staff. And sometimes, you will completely forget the presence of this gun.

Mercy ’s Guardian Angel

Instructions on how to play Mercy in Overwatch

One reason Mercy is extremely effective as a healer is the ability to fly to any ally champion within range very quickly. Guardian Angel will be a bit difficult at first to play, but once used, Guardian Angel will be extremely useful in moving in and out of combat or saving you from dangerous situations like falling off a cliff. This skill has a very short cooldown, so you can completely spam it to fly to low-blooded allies.


This is her ultimate skill and has the ability to revive his entire squad if used in time. When used, she will be delayed a bit, and each revived champion will return to the position they lie down with full health. This skill also has a range of use, so use it properly so you will not be able to revive allies at a distance.

Angelic Descent

When holding the spacebar, Mercy will slide in the air before landing on the ground. This skill will often be combined with Guardian Angel. This skill can help you to retreat slowly in dangerous situations without allied heroes to surf.

Mercy tactics

Unlike other supports, she has only one task: to help his friends survive. The healing ability of Caduceus Staff can help an ally to stand firm during firefights, if a tank champion rushes in, remember to stay close to support him in the best way.

The effective use of she also depends on the players’ understanding of the game. There are squads for which gaining power is more important than healing. If your team owns McCree, Torbjorn, or Widowmaker, then buffing their damage can make their combo more deadly. And once allies are weak, switch to healing mode.

One problem with using this hero is that some players will not use their last Resurrect skill, fearing that after using it, their other teammates will lie down. Sometimes it is a wise decision because often this skill of Mercy should be reserved for decisive situations in the final fighting phase of the match.

But you also need to be flexible because sometimes reviving 1, 2 key characters are also worth using. Also, healing support will also accumulate late skills relatively quickly, so you can spend time using it.