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Instructions On How To Play Riki Dota 2 Simple But Effective



In the game Dota 2, Riki generals are known as assassins when possessing a skill set with a great deal of damage and the ability to kill opponents within one note. In return for playing this hero is not easy at all when the general requires the player to have a way to approach and rush into the enemy team in the most unexpected way. Those who love him and want to play well this general, refer to the following article of me!

How to play Riki based on pros and cons


He possesses such advantages as He has the ability to chase enemy heroes so well that almost no hero can escape from his pursuit. With proper movement, Riki is very difficult to detect because it can gank unexpectedly and effectively.

Especially with the Cloak and Dragger skill, he can completely move behind the enemy team to face down suddenly to bring a tremendous amount of damage-causing mutations in combat. Besides this skill when combined with the Ultimate will bring great effect to disturb the enemy team then he will be a nightmare for any hero, especially the weak.

On the downside, he has a number of disadvantages as follows: He is a hero who needs items to become a leader, but in the early game, this hero farm is very difficult. Enemy teams can use Gem, True sight, or Blue eyes to counter and reduce his risk. In the end, he will become the hero that will be hunted by the enemy team throughout the match because they understand that letting him have items is a real disaster. Besides how to play Riki Dota 2 requires quite high skills is also a difficult point.

How to improve skills for Riki


At the beginning of the game, he is very difficult to farm items so we need to increase the farm ability by helping him to become an assassin as fast as possible through 2 skills, Blink strike and Cloak and dragger. Whereas the Smokescreen skill only needs to be upgraded once, the Ultimate is Tricks of the Trade needs to be upgraded properly.

Since he reaches level 10, depending on the match with the situation of the enemy hero and your level of equipment compared to time and style of play, you can choose to heal or choose boots. When you reach level 15 you can also choose to give Riki the ability to increase 20% of the crit dame to increase the damage and the ability to vaporize the enemy heroes in return for an extra 5 seconds of waiting for the Smokescreen skill.

At the end of the game, when you complete the skills, he will possess a huge amount of damage and the ability to set up extremely effective combat.

How to play this hero most effectively

In the early stages of the game: this is the time he has no items yet so need to rely on Cloak and dragger to hide and move on the map. Try to move and farm items to complete a few basic items. Be careful when you farm monsters because then you have been exposed, when you have some small items and basic skills, try to gank.

Mid-game: Continue to farm items to complete early his items. Depending on whether you are rich or poor, you should choose a reasonable playing style. Always remember that hiding skill sets are the key for him in every gank

Late game: this stage depends heavily on the previous two stages, especially the mid-game stage. If not full, try to communicate with teammates to trigger a roulette for Riki to grow up. If you have Full build, then perform the tactic of hiding behind enemy teams to fight face-down and set up a fight. At the same time, you can also use the hiding skills to disrupt the enemy team, create conditions for the team to start fighting or create an opening for him to find the weak enemy team.