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Instructions on how to play Tracer in Overwatch

Instructions on how to play Tracer in Overwatch

Instructions on how to play Tracer in Overwatch

Tracer ‘s mission is to harass the opponent’s squad from the front, the back, the sides, every side that she can move to. A good player will need to have good reflexes and excellent aiming ability. If you play against an opposing team that has a good player, you won’t be able to imagine how uncomfortable it is.

Tracer ’s Pulse Pistols

Instructions on how to play Tracer in Overwatch

These two guns will be the main source of damage from your skillset, but this is quite a difficult weapon to control so you will need quite a bit of practice to be able to use them effectively. The biggest difficulty of this weapon is its high rate of fire, capable of firing the entire magazine in only 1, 2 seconds.

This means that if you miss half the ammunition, you seem to have reduced the effectiveness of Tracer a lot. Her ability to keep up with the speed and launch accurate shots will be a real challenge.


The recall will move this hero to the position 3 seconds ago of her and heal and Tracer bullets at that time, like Ekko but the better version. This unique skill will be relatively complicated when you have to know where the 3 seconds ago of her is, how much health and how many bullets are left.

There are many bad situations when she teleported right in the middle of the enemy team and died. In addition, this is a very good skill for her to retreat from adverse situations such as being trapped, or as well as save yourself from being knocked off the map.

Tracer ’s Blink

Instructions on how to play Tracer in Overwatch

Most of her strength will come from this ability, allowing her to move a short distance in any direction that she is moving to. And more specifically, she can surf up to 3 consecutive times and each surfing will be restored after 1 second.

This skill will make Tracer very mobile and appear everyplace on the map. She can glide through enemy teams that are hard to detect and then raid the enemy from behind. On top of that, the opponent would have a hard time hitting her when she moved so fast.

Pulse Bomb

Tracer‘s ultimate ability is a big disappointment in her skill set because it is actually not very effective. She will place a bomb in front of you and will explode a few seconds later. And this bomb has the ability to destroy herself if she stands too close to it. However, her explosive range is relatively small and only suitable to destroy single targets.

Tracer’s tactics

Watch carefully the blood, position, and number of bullets remaining in the position you are standing before making a raid phase. You are ready to prepare for your retreat. Use Blink to move behind the enemy and mess. If you are attacked, immediately Recall to your previous location and fully heal (if you were previously full). Repeat that and the opponent will be nearly helpless to destroy you.

Tracer‘s gun will fire very quickly so remember that training will help you perfect your skills for this general. Move quickly behind the opposing team and kill nasty targets like Widowmaker, Mercy, or Hanzo. Also, try to avoid encounters with McCree or Soldier 76 because these two characters have the ability to defeat you very quickly.

When the final Pulse Bomb is ready, use Blink to quickly dash into the middle of the enemy team, place the bomb and coolly Recall out. Boom and you can take down some kills. Your target will be Bastion or Reinhardt because these targets are difficult to defeat from afar, but the bomb is quite possible.