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Instructions On How To Play Viper In Solo Mid, Nuker, Semi Carry Position



Viper becomes extremely dangerous once the enemy’s health drops. With the skill set to poison the enemy to deal damage over time, even the Tanker that is harder than steel will be overwhelmed by the wings of the blue darkness. A good choice for a Semi Carry or Nuker position

Guide To Play Viper – Advantages / Disadvantages



  • A Semi Carry with the ability to deal extremely strong magic damage in the Early and Mid, Late game stages can rely on gear to shoot hands.
  • Nethertoxin: A new type of end-stage cancer, the equivalent of a Silver Edge cooldown of 5 seconds, which is the opposite of many passive users.
  • Disgusting slow skill set, causing the less maneuverable brute to swear constantly.
  • Relatively easy to play, suitable for newbies.


  • Missing quite heavy damage when the game gradually returns to Late.
  • Semi Carry but does not have the ability to assist hand damage, must depend a lot on the furniture.
  • Farming is not very fast, it is extremely difficult to save.
  • The skill is quite mana consuming, if used indiscriminately it will damage heavy mana

Skill Table For Viper


In terms of skill-raising, with the Viper whose skill was revamped in this new update, we should build as aggressive for it as possible. By maxing out Poison Attack and Nethertoxin, he will have a decent amount of magic damage to take down the enemy (remember that Nethertoxin even pulls down magic resist). Corrosive Skin has lost its slowing ability, its laning has also been greatly reduced and thus it is used more as a defensive skill, used to advance. Ultimate gets the right level.

However, in some cases facing heroes with strong spell damage spam, consider raising Corrosive Skin 1 to 2 to increase survivability.

About how to get Talent:

  • Lv10: 20 attack speed, helps you stack damage a little faster. The 8% magic lifesteal is too small a number.
  • Lv15: Getting a +100 attack range gives you more choice of attack positions in battles. As mentioned above, Corrosive Skin is just a self-defense skill, so it is not necessary to get +6 DPS for this skill.
  • Lv20: You can choose 1 or 2 depending on the situation, if it is favorable, just take +100 DPS Viper Strike combined with the magic resistance reduction of Nethertoxin will cause a huge amount of damage. If you play the main way of pushing the house (death ball, rat, …), using Poison Attack to destroy the building.
  • Lv25: Also depending on the note, normally you will take +120 damage to hitter the blood, but if there are nasty spammers skills, you can get Nethertoxin Silence.

How To Play Viper


Early game

With a nearly 50% hero refresh, Viper has had pretty much-changed gameplay and needs more flair in gameplay than just a pure hitter. However, in general, the gameplay is still quite easy, newbies can still get used to it. And most of all, his cancer level remained unchanged

However, with the skill reworked, he is now only suitable for mid lane. The special feature is that the skill set depends a lot on the level to get strong, this hero needs to stick to the lane for a long time to be able to gank.

In the first phase, the gameplay is similar to classic, steadily the last hitting denies (losing old Nethertoxin so it will be a bit difficult), sometimes poisoning Poison Attack in the face of the same lane. But perhaps the most disgusting is still Nethertoxin, which only costs 75 mana, you can spit a poison field that lasts for 8 seconds to limit the enemy’s movement space (similar to Acid Spray of Alchemist), very poor. If standing for a long time because this poison field also reduces magic resistance.

You just spit it out behind the enemy’s wave creep, as long as it doesn’t stick to the creeps, causing the enemy creeps to die too quickly, pushing the lane high. You can spit many times because only Nethertoxin only has 5 seconds cd but up to 8 seconds allows to spit 2 yards at the same time but remember to pay attention to mana because this Early game still has terrible mana.

Mid game

Hugging the lane to about level 8 is fine, holding too long you will be far from the net by the enemy Carry safelane team (what skill to farm?). Go hunting in the forest with at least 1 ally following, have Smoke of deceit or wards available as possible. If you meet the enemy, you should do this: Spit Poison Attack, spit Viper Strike to slow down, then depending on the enemy’s path to spit Nethertoxin so that it stays in that field for as long as possible. Continue to spit Poison Attack, watch your blood drop and enjoy.

Because Nethertoxin is quite difficult to affect the opponent for a long time, that’s why I told you to go with another teammate, they can disable support to keep the opponent on the poison field. as long as possible. It’s fine if you go alone, but if you max slow, you can only keep the enemy within a 300 AoE a small radius for 2 seconds max. During the team fight, try to decrease the movement of the nasty passive as much as possible (Bristleback, Specter, …) with slow, root, stun, etc. and invest poisoning in these animals to make them go away.

Later on, with Aghanims Scepter, you can constantly spam Viper Strike in the face of whatever daddy you see because it is low mana and very fast cooldown. Stand and hide in the bushes while Carry stands on the tower, the enemy will come out to defend it will only spit. If you really want to be able to take the tower with carrying, you should take a Level20 Poison Attack Talent to destroy the house to have damage to push the tower, or else it will take longer.

Late game

The game progresses to late also when your power drops significantly (the enemy has big health, or owns Black King Bar …) but there’s no need to worry. With the Break effect from Nethertoxin you can still clear the annoying Passive players, and even the Nukers if you take out a Level 25 Talent that allows Nethertoxin to silence.

In this phase, there should be no more raids because Viper is only hard in the Early and Mid phases but the late game does not lose, take advantage of your long-range skills to bombard, and remember to keep careful positions. Farm money to get buyback and then buy anything.