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Instructions on how to play Widowmaker in Overwatch

Instructions on how to play Widowmaker in Overwatch

Instructions on how to play Widowmaker in Overwatch

Widowmaker is one of the only generals of Overwatch with a gun aimed at hand and dealing tremendous damage at long range and is also the top pick of gun fans in the FPS line. However, in a quite chaotic world between MOBA and FPS, let’s learn how to use the skills associated with the sniper rifle effectively in the following article.

Widow’s Kiss

Instructions on how to play Widowmaker in Overwatch

This is a special feature of Overwatch compared to other games. Instead of just giving her a sniper rifle and struggling with short-range targets, she was given a fairly basic rifle to change constantly according to the situation. However, the most special feature is that aiming guns can be charged over time – can cause up to 150 damage at full charge and x2 damage to 300 damage when headshot. You will want each shot to be a full charge to 1 bullet 1 life, should only shoot multiple shots for small targets (such as Symmetra’s gun turret). Firing a full charge gun will of course depend on the accuracy of the target.

Another point that Widowmaker players need to consider is the preferred goal. There will be 3 cases where you need to be considered when choosing a target: Danger level, remaining blood, and endanger you.

Support champions are often the # 1 target due to low health and the same healing line of the enemy team.

Next are the champions with the ability to deal damage but less likely to fight back. The champions with high resistance include Soldier 76 with healing, Torbjörn with armor, Mei with healing, and Reaper with high healing and flexibility.

Without these two goals, the only thing you can do is deal damage to your champion or those who are chasing you. It is better to deal damage to someone rather than waiting until the target arrives.

Widowmaker ’s Grappling Hook

Instructions on how to play Widowmaker in Overwatch

This is a moving skill that helps Widowmaker reach the “Sniper Nest” locations around the map and make it easier to target. However, you should keep in mind that the enemy team always checks these obvious positions, especially when there is this hero in the match.

After being exposed, the most important thing is that you should constantly change positions instead of waiting for the enemy to close and finish yourself (like Pharah and Reaper). If pressed and caught, the Grappling Hook will be used to escape. Don’t be afraid to escape if you feel danger is approaching before they hit your face (like a Pharah rocket).

Grappling Hook also helps you accelerate while moving on the map. Just aim at the ground or wall in front of you to move faster (tiny). Additionally, the ability cooldown will be zero if the ability does not hook an object, so you can collect it and use it quickly for other purposes.

Venom Mine

This is the skill that determines the skill of the individual according to each person. You can choose narrow angles towards sniper nests and will alert you when the bomb is triggered/destroyed (which is also the signal someone has found and points to your location).

The bomb will be poisonous with 75 damage for 5 seconds and will weaken the attackers approaching you. Then you have 3 options: sniper insight for a single target, close-range gun shooting if the target is low on blood, or escapes when it is too crowded or you have less blood.

Another way to use quite “desperate” is to throw in the corner or your way to block the chase of the enemy. You will be able to slow down, do a little damage before falling down and help teammates clean up the remaining work.

Widowmaker ’s Infra-Sigh

This skill of Widowmaker is a strong point for her and her team. Information is power in Overwatch. Just like a “hack” through the wall, you will be able to advance and finish the enemy before they know it, helping your teammates not to “back” or hook the enemy team.

There is no best time to use the ultimate, you can use it both in defense and attack. With the cooldown is not too high, each wave of use will give a great advantage to teammates (so use as much as possible!)