April 21, 2021


Game CMD 368

Instructions on how to play Winston in Overwatch



Winston is a genetically enhanced super-intelligent gorilla, he is part of a research program on the moon. During an escape from the rebellion at the research station, he found a stop in Overwatch, thereby becoming a famous scientist. Looking very intellectual, but he plays the role of tank, maneuverable only after D. Va. He uses a special taser to deal damage, and the sparks from the gun will stick to the target. Slightly offensive, he is also capable of protecting allies with a dome-shaped shield that is very useful.

Tesla Cannon – Winston


His weapons were a special category that did not require absolute precision in aiming. It also makes it easier for those who are new to Overwatch or new to FPS. Tesla Cannon does not need you to accurately point bullets at the opponent, just within the range of the electric rays will cling to the target (can stick to multiple targets at the same time). Another special feature is that the sparks can be shot through an opponent’s shield, such as Reinhardt or Winston (the opponent), but shields like Zarya’s will not penetrate.

In addition to the Tesla Cannon used as primary damage, his melee hits are also essential in emergencies. Since you are a strong melee hero, when you put bullets on the Tesla Cannon or the enemy has a little health, you can use this move, similar to playing Reaper but he is a little more practical.

Jump Pack


The skill that helps Winston not be “stunned” like other tank heroes, this is also a powerful approach. Not only is the main purpose of moving, but Jump Pack also deals 50 damage in the landing position, choosing the landing position is also very difficult, so you also need some practice. You can control the height and direction of the jump by turning the bull’s eye in the direction you want to jump, similar to D. Va when using the Booster but otherwise, you will fly in an arc.

Using Jump Pack:

  • Chase / retreat
  • Access special positions where the opponent or the Bastion – Widowmaker – Hanzo
  • Go through challenging terrain/access a healing pack
  • Return to war zone faster after dying
  • Help teammates push up the line before combining with Barrier Projector

Barrier Projector – Winston

As a tank, in addition to the available armor on the HP bar, Winston also has a very useful shield. When using him will drop a device that creates a dome-shaped shield (actually spherical but the lower part is covered), enemy ammunition will be blocked by this shield (from the outside in and from the inside out. out).

The Barrier Projector can be used when you are in the air, the placement will fall exactly at the moment you press the button, not at the destination, which is also a common mistake for beginners. Also, keep in mind that the Barrier Projector’s cooldown will only start when the shield is broken or its usage time expires, not from the moment you pressed the button.

Using Barrier Projector:

  • Attack when overcoming difficult choke points, or to establish defense points for yourself and your teammates on chokepoints
  • Use with Jump Pack to reach enemies, you will have more rigidity to harass the enemy squad
  • Used to place on a cart, you and your teammates will have a mobile shield – similar to placing a Biotic Field on a vehicle.

Primal Rage

Winston will turn into a crazy monkey when you turn on the Primal Rage, at this point, you will not be able to use the weapon + Barrier Projector but only be allowed to use melee attacks. Primal Rage will help your jumping skills to heal very quickly (heal when turned on and reduce the cooldown to 2 seconds from 8 seconds). To take advantage of your ultimate, you should turn on Primal Rage when you are about to fall asleep because it will heal you and increase the limit to 1000 health – simply 1 Q = 1000 HP.

These basic attacks will deal 40 damage in a small area, in addition to the attacks will knock the opponent – you should take advantage of this to knock the opponent down the cliff or against the wall.

Another purpose of Primal Rage is to save your life when you are knocked into a hole or a cliff by an opponent, activating Primal Rage will reset your jump to help you fly back up for revenge.