Game CMD 368

Instructions To Play Beastmaster In Offlane – Pusher – Initiator Position



Beastmaster is in the ranks of veteran heroes, with classic gameplay and relatively simple but equally powerful. Beastmaster’s skill set allows him to take on a variety of roles, among them Pusher with wild beasts + attack speed aura buff, and Ganker, who stuns powerful opponents with Primal roar.

How To Play Beastmaster – Advantages / Disadvantages



  • Versatile, pushing lanes or ganking or even support is still very effective
  • The starting stats are very good (animation, base damage, health, armor are all very good), jungling is easier
  • Disable 1 strong negative target with Primal roar, suitable in focusing on important targets
  • Pushing or bursting damage is strong thanks to Inner Beast attack speed
  • Call of the Wild with the Hawk is used to control the map very well


  • Fight melee but not really strong melee late game (sometimes lose a lot of semi carry)
  • Stats gain is not good (main Strength but Str gain every 2.2 / level makes health not high)
  • Primal roar can only be used on 1 target and is not strong disable, not to mention it is also blocked by the Linken Sphere
  • Late game players are very weak (most of the time, they only pull out to contribute damage or effect)

Table Skills For Beastmaster


We don’t spend a lot of points on Wild Axes at the beginning of the game to do anything to waste mana, take 1 point to clear the vision tree or ks from afar. Call of the Wild is a skill that makes Beastmaster’s trademark, without this skill, it cannot be called Beastmaster and of course, it must be maxed to get the power for the children + to take advantage of jungling. Inner Beast must also be early to help the team accumulate damage faster. Primal roar just to level up

About Talent we add as follows:

  • Talent lv10: BM has the ability to chase from the pig of Call of the Wild, and adds Primal roar sneezing ability also fast, so running speed is not prioritized by increasing exp, getting increased exp to rush B. ah mistakenly rush level levels faster because BM really needs level to develop strength.
  • Talent lv15: take 40 more damage to the pig to make it hurt more if he played against the circus animals, he had to play to the dock.
  • Talent lv20: take 500 health for it to tanky if your team lack of tank, but if you already have a tank in your team then you get 100 damage for Wild Axes beat for pain
  • Talent lv25: take points depending on the situation. With vision being extremely important in the late game, you should take +2 Hawk to control the map well. But if you have the dominant position and the team also has a lot of hitters then get a bonus of 40 attack speed for Inner Beast only

How To Play Beastmaster


Early game

The board from level 2 onwards will have a 20% slow attack, so don’t be afraid to go out into the lane to ask about the enemy team’s health if there is a chance. Just to be sure, invite more roamers or ping first to let the guy in the lane know.

Call of the Wild at level 4 calls a random creep, this depends on your ability. The creeps that are most beneficial for ganking are Hellbear Smasher (with the aura that speeds up the attack and slows down), Dark Troll Summoner (with tied, summons a skeleton, you add a Wild Axes ax to get a debuff and pull the steamer victim), Centaur Conqueror. Also having an Alpha Wolf that increases the damage to the party is also good.

Mid game

Late game you will have 2 main tasks: One is to take advantage of the loopholes of the enemy squad, reach the gaps, and push the road, destroy the enemy tower. Second, smoke ganks with your teammates, initiate fights, and focus on key enemy targets. These are two parallel tasks and require you to consider the situation thoroughly before making a decision.

Normally you will perform split push when detecting 3-4 enemy heroes under the teammate ward at a relatively long distance, when split push uses 2 Boar and 2 Necronomicon, turn on the Drum of Endurance jump. Maybe your team will need some deception to get the enemy into a fight without paying attention to the lane being attacked.

When you see the path of the enemy hero moving towards the lane you are pushing, you should be ready to teleport and run back. To know the position to approach you further, release the Hawks to see the positions that the enemy tends to run into the most (the entrance to the jungle of the two sides, runes …). Remember, always have to drop birds to check the map, they act as moving mini wards for 60 seconds.

You will proceed to gank the enemy if the enemy spreads out the farm or hides too well to feed the turtles. Let the Hawk hawk pave the way to find the enemy’s location first so that it will not be unexpectedly ambushed.

Late game

The end of the game is quite a headache for Beastmaster because the selection of targets for the Primal roar is very important. Usually, it will be used to target important targets like carrying and Nuker but Support can also be a good target, if you want to destroy their most important lifeboat, it all depends on the line up of the enemy.

Your presence in fights is very important with the Inner Beast aura that strengthens the damage dealers, so even though you initiate fights first, always keep an eye on your life if possible. You can also use Boars to slow down the enemy if they decide to chase you down. Continue to secure vision with the Hawk. Buyback is very important, if there is no buyback in the late game then your chance of a flip is very low.