July 30, 2021


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Instructions To Play Bristleback In The Carry, Tanker Position



A “Legendary Tanker” with the most terrible ability to block Dota 2, Bristleback is an invisible pressure on the opponent’s field. Not only that, but his damage is also still relatively high in the fight when surrounded, enough to make the opponent regret choosing the wrong target.

How To Play Bristleback – Advantages / Disadvantages



  • One of the most strong heroes in the game, reducing damage by % extremely sick combined with furniture
  • Very high pressure in every stage of the game thanks to the good tank and good damage, with Bristleback and Quill spray
  • No need for too much damage or attack speed, build max HP and armor still have great damage thanks to Warpath
  • Effective ganking thanks to slow stacking with Viscous nasal goo
  • Easy to play, easy to win (with 2 skills only)


  • The tanker is a little bit offseason because it only reduces the damage on the back, where the hands, feet, face in front will show it to hit like a child
  • It depends a lot on skills, so if you get silenced or out of mana it’s just like a big creep
  • Poor mobility, mostly approaching the enemy, fighting by… running away.
  • There is no disable, so it can’t prevent the enemy’s strong channeling, teleport skills
  • Although dealing high damage for a long time, cannot do too much damage in the short term (leading to missing kills)

Skill Table For Bristleback


Viscous nasal goo just takes 1 point to get slow. Bristleback also does not need to rush before mid-game because there is not too much damage coming from the opponent. Maximize Quill sprays to make sure to farm and pressurize the enemy lane as efficiently as possible. Warpath got the right level.

  • Talent lv10: Bris consumes mana very much, so if you have to fight regularly, 2 mana points per second will help you to go home or to Shrine regen, this one from level 6 onwards has speed from Ulti. 20 speed is not worth it.
  • Talent lv15: if you intend to buy a green cane, get 6 stacks to spray your nose to help you to target-click, otherwise add 250 health.
  • Talent lv20: This point depends on how you will play and it will be somewhat related to the level 25 talent. If you decide not to lifesteal at level 25, then add 20 health points per second to ensure that the late stamina is maintained. As for the case that you have a lifesteal from Octarine Core or up to level 25 to draw health, then add 25 dmg stack for Quill spray.
  • Talent lv25: depending on the case you build up and add the level of talent to compensate.

How To Play Bristleback


Early game

One of the heroes that made up the “Tanker legend”, the true meaning of a real tank. Bristleback (BB) can dash through enemy formations with his extreme endurance while still dealing massive damage (and not just against a single enemy hero). A hero is also quite easy to play and does not take too long to get used to

At the beginning of the game, start offlane (bot lane Dire or top lane Radiant). With not too much hand damage, plus melee combat so it will be a bit difficult if you need to last hit for money but you can still do it from afar with Quill spray (also quite easy because of the cast time of this skill is 0, at the same time you press the key). With a little mana, you can completely spam Quill sprays to farm as well as to harass the enemy.

Do not see the small amount of damage of this skill but despise, just sticking 3 stacks of Quill spray is enough to feel the need, just see the enemy close + 1 enemy creep less health, you wag your thorns 1, just last hit and make sure the enemy steals his ass and waits for the debuff to stack spikes.

But you should also note that this skill should not be overused because it will push the lane up and put you in danger. Many of the early game ganks focused on the offlaner because they received less protection from their teammates than the other lanes, and most offlaners had to live on their own.

Mid game

Make sure you finish the Vanguard before you want to join the teamfight. As mentioned in the item section, leveling up and getting [i vanguard] early will be extremely beneficial because you can block a lot of damage in the early mid-game, sometimes you won’t lose a drop of health. thanks to the block damage resonance. The combo is too simple to say, Viscous nasal goo spits the foam + Quill spray spikes + beat often to death.

End the teamfight, when your teammates push the tower, cross the enemy tower to block the enemy creeps to give your teammates more time to fight without having to clear the monster. One thing that you can remember is that you can be very buff, but any hero, no matter how buffalo, will suffer from the strength of teamwork, so it is contraindicated to the illusion of incomplete strength. to tank 5 enemy heroes.

Another important skill when playing Bristleback is the skill of dodging. It’s simple, in a teamfight or when being ganked, pay attention to your blood drain speed. If the bleeding is slow or insignificant, it is a sign that you can poke by running ziczac (spitting a little more Viscous nasal goo), adding damage for BB to release more spikes, even kill reverse added a few more ingredients.

But pay attention to the situation of not being greedy, if you come back to kill the enemy and back up in time, you are showing them your face. Remember that you can only tank when you point your back at the enemy, not show your chopping face to intimidate. Make sure you turn your back on the enemy for the majority of the fight but still damage them steadily.

Late game

Late game is the time for Bristleback to shine. If heroes like Tidehunter, Abaddon are proud of their ability to block damage-causing considerable pressure in the Early game, BB has the right to boast of its ability to block damage percentage effectively until Late game, and even more effective when it comes to furniture.

Of course, the building style is still to maximize BB’s strong power and maintain BB’s stamina in combat for as long as possible. You don’t have to aim for a certain goal at all.

Let them hit you as if you were being ganked, but do not actively rush to the tank that easily loses a day. Rush forward to block enemy damage and catch as many skills as possible, need to buyback if the fight is vital. You don’t need to farm anymore, would you like to have a report?