July 31, 2021


Game CMD 368

Instructions To Play Clinkz In The Mid Ganker-Semi Carry Position



Clinkz has always been a prominent face of the association “sneaky guys” with the ability to destroy a single enemy hero in a few notes. However, his effectiveness in a match was somewhat reduced when Strafe was reworked in 7.07, applying a three-time dodge effect while reducing Strafe’s maximum duration to 3 seconds. Despite being faster than real, the attack acceleration effect ends as soon as Strafe’s evasion runs out, making his high-speed killing ability unreliable. However, since version 7.16 onwards, Strafe’s evasion limit was removed, making Clinkz stronger than before with the ability to “immortal” before the infamous long-sleeved carry.

How To Play Clinkz – Advantages/Disadvantages



  • Very strong odd ganks in the early and mid-game.
  • Skeleton Walk makes Clinkz extremely difficult to capture even after being detected with the increased movement speed.
  • The ability to push the tower.
  • “Immortal” against the long-sleeved carry with Strafe.


  • Low on health, immediately die when hit by chain disable.
  • Late game weak compared to other short-handed carries.
  • Not being able to scatter a big creep with Death Pact is easy to drown.
  • Facing Blade Mail is kneeling.

Skill Table For Clinkz


Focus on Searing Arrows first because the extra damage will help you farm better early in the game. Take 1 point Skeleton Walk at level 2 to avoid ganking then max Searing Arrows then Strafe and finally Skeleton Walk. Ultimate takes the right level.

  • LV10: +5 Armor if the enemy team takes a lot of physical damage and vice versa + 12% Magic Resistance if the enemy is all black.
  • LV15: +30 Searing Arrows Damage to quickly destroy neatly then hover. 20% of Evasion can be picked if the enemy team has a lot of shorthand carries.
  • LV20: +100 Attack Range to shoot farther, easier to select a location. With my blood level, +16 Heath Regen wouldn’t be of any help for Clinkz either.
  • LV25: + 3s Strafe Duration because now this is his signboard skill that makes you “immortal” when you duel with any long-sleeved carry for the duration. You can pick Searing Arrows Multishot when your team is a good hit and want to finish early.

How To Play Clinkz


Early game

Go straight to mid to free farm early game, use Searing Arrows to last hit monsters easier (not much mana cost) when you get ganked early, just open Skeleton Walk and hug the tower, that’s simple. Searing Arrows are also a good tool to harass mid teams of the enemy (especially the short-sleeved ones) to create space for you to farm more safely because if you have low health and want to gank you soon, the enemy must be prepared to drop less 1 kill (not to mention with Skeleton Walk it will probably kill you).

So ask your teammates to help gank the enemy mid-early so you have more space to farm some necessary items early in the game to prepare for your gank trips. When you reach level 6 with a Death Pact and a Medallion of Courage, you should find an enemy that goes odd to gank (take priority of bloody arrows), shoot Medallion of Courage’s armor reduction effect on enemies to open Strafe and then shoot Searing Arrows to finish him off.

Remember to scrape the big monsters in the jungle first with Death Pact to increase your damage and health before each gank trip. If you do not have a target to gank, you can go to the jungle to leave the lane to support your team to level up faster, with Death Pact you just need to eat the biggest monster on the beach and quickly clear the rest. Balance farm and gank to avoid loot.

Mid game

Once you have a decent amount of level with Orchid Malevolence you can try your hand with bigger prey like the enemy carry or mid team. Walk around in the enemy jungle to find a target for yourself but only gank when Skeleton Walk is finished to avoid being ganked back or chasing the enemy (invisibility speed chase). Combo Medallion of Courage minus armor – Silence with Orchi Malevolence – discharges Searing Arrows with Strafe to maximize his damage.

His turret pushing ability is also the number of hits, so if there is space, then destroy the turret immediately to create more space for the remaining cores to farm necessary items.

Since Clinkz uses a lot of mana, whether it’s ganking or pushing turrets, pay attention to your current mana amount so you can withdraw when needed.

Late game

At this point, the enemy has gone together more so Clinkz ‘s gank ability has been significantly reduced, even preparing Gem of Truesight to prevent you. So your new task is to focus on two types of targets when fighting: Support or Carry team the enemy.

When you fight, you can go back and destroy the bloody supports that will give your team an advantage in humans in battle or stand behind your tanker team and fire bullets into the melee carry of the enemy team depending on the situation (if it’s the carry With longhand, you have nothing to fear with 6.5 seconds of “immortal” from any long-range attack if you choose the Strafe talent, only it runs away from you so remember hex or “mini Doom” it to avoid running and killing).

Remember to save gold to buyback because otherwise, you are not a standard core.