July 30, 2021


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Instructions To Play Killjoy Valorant, The German Genius Agent

Killjoy Valorant

Killjoy Valorant

Killjoy Valorant is considered one of the extremely controllable spies in Valorant thanks to the small but also very dangerous robots.

Killjoy’s strong point is its ability to control the area. She often uses her robots to protect ribs, lock corners as well as defend her teammates very effectively. And here are tips related to Killjoy skills that you need to keep in mind.

Nanoswarm (C) – Killjoy Valorant

Killjoy Valorant

The Nanoswarm is a hidden grenade. It will go into an inactive state on a throw and invisible until activated by command. When activated, it will explode and damage nearby areas.

It can be said that this is an important skill of Killjoy Valorant. If used correctly, Nanoswarm will deal massive amounts of damage to the enemy. When defending, it is often placed in tight places to exert strength. When attacking, it will be used to lock corners or protect bombs from being approached by the enemy.

However, Nanoswarm can be discovered and destroyed. Therefore, you need to try to constantly change its position in each round to surprise the opponent. Because it is quite passive, Nanoswarm is usually only used in the opponent zone. So put it in tight places to limit the opponent from rushing or prevent the opponent from reaching the bomb.

Alarmbot (Q)

Alarmbot is a small robot that jumps on an opponent when they are within range, then explodes, dealing damage and causing the target to receive double damage from all sources.

This skill is an interesting combination of Cypher’s Tripwire, Raze’s Boom Bot, and Viper’s Snakebite. It is easily detected and can be destroyed with just a few pistol shots, but you can still recall it and put it in a different location easily.

Normally, if you are a player with good skills, the opponent’s receiving double damage from Alarmbot does not have much effect. However, it is one of the great tools to spot your opponents in some situations. In an ideal situation, you will combine Alarmbot and Nanoswarm to defeat the opponent quickly.

Turret (E) – Killjoy Valorant

Killjoy Valorant

The Turret of Killjoy Valorant is a stationary robot that can be placed anywhere with a 180-degree angle of fire.

When it detects a target, it will fire 3 rounds of bullets (3 bullets each) with each shot 0.75 seconds apart. Each bullet will deal 8 damage for a distance of 0 – 20 meters, 6 damage for a distance of 20 – 35 meters, and 4 damage for a distance of 35 meters or more.

With this amount of damage, it cannot take down an opponent after 3 full shots. But in some situations, it will distract your opponent and create conditions for you to defeat the opponent with your own hands. In addition, it also works to mark the enemy and slow down the opponent a bit so you can take advantage of this to have more time to make a decision in that situation.

It should be noted that the Turret also needs vision, so smoke and flash are its main counter effects. If faced with standard moves like Omen’s Dark Cover, Brimstone’s Sky Smoke, or Phoenix’s Curveball, it is completely useless.

Lockdown (X)

Since the activation time of Killjoy Valorant ‘s skill is up to 12 seconds, opponents can still dodge Lockdown with ease. It can still be destroyed like Nanoswarm, Alarmbot, and Turret.

Despite such weaknesses, Lockdown is still considered one of the most powerful and versatile skills in Valorant. Even if no one was caught, it made sure no one dared to rush into the area for 8 seconds.

Even in some sensitive cases, it forces opponents to choose urgently to destroy the Lockdown or leave the area. And so you and your teammates can freely place bombs or occupy sensitive corners to gain an advantage over opponents. Usually, hide it in a hard-to-spot place like behind a wall, high or low (as long as it’s not in the middle of the road).