July 28, 2021


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Instructions To Play Natures Prophet In Super Cancer Pusher Position

Natures Prophet

Natures Prophet

Natures Prophet is one of the most maneuverable heroes in Dota, with the ability to fly all over the map and push a super terrible tower push, used by the Alliance team very effectively in the rat doto strategy.

How To Play Natures Prophet – Advantages / Disadvantages

Natures Prophet


  • Easy to farm, fast farm, belongs to the top of rich households Dota 2
  • Having a strong pillar, pushing the tower secretly is very strong (it’s called Rat doto)
  • Ganker most annoying Dota since late early onwards
  • Can take on many different positions


  • The fragile health, thin armor, quickly evaporates with the wind
  • Overall, farming is easy but playing well is difficult because it requires a lot of thinking skills of the player (brain with little brain, play other heroes)
  • Easy to pick up right from the pick stage (so if you want to play, then pick at turn 4 or 5 breezes)
  • The sexy side, the sexy voice easily attracts stone from both teams

How To Play Natures Prophet – Skills Table

Natures Prophet

Of course with the guide that maximizes the ability to push the road and farm gold, Nature’s Call will be prioritized to max first, then Teleportation to increase the maneuverability of the NP, the Sprout skill although the enemy has been confined to the enemy for a long time but early in the mid-game. Any guy who has a Tango and Quelling blade will not bring too much effect at the first level, so to raise the final max, the game only needs 1 point to be enough. Ultimately get the right level.

About the talent we add as follows:

  • Talent lv10: take 30 damage to farm quickly, fight well for good
  • Talent lv15: get 4 more kids to add to the army of the ugliest trees on the earth, and help Natures Prophet make it easier to cover with the Sprout + Nature’s Call combo
  • Talent lv20: this depends on the situation. For example, the enemy team has dangerous but less mobile heroes such as Sven, Ax, Dragon Knight, … a 4-second reduction in Sprout is like wearing a muzzle on their mouths. There is also the opposite case, take the speed to beat asthma
  • Talent lv25: when you have Octarine Core and Boots of Travel flying shoes, you are too mobile, you do not need to remove the cooldown for Teleportation to do, get twice the blood for the tree to push the road to health

How To Play Natures Prophet

Early game

Keep diligently farming important items while keeping an eye on the enemy’s moves on the map, using Teleportation to reverse the lane to gank the sub-team when the opportunity arises. Enlist to buy some Observer wards to set up a realm because when you do not see where you are, the enemy support and roamers will go to the forest to find you immediately, and guard the enemy courier to kill meat to earn more income.

When ganking during this period, pay attention to the enemy’s furniture to see if there are items to break down trees to wrap Sprout effectively. With more than 3 seconds isolated, the target will be able to take 1 ticket to Xian for high experience.

When in danger, wrap Sprout to isolate yourself and then use Teleportation or Town portal scroll to retreat

Sprout for cross-terrain visibility within a very large radius, so you can use it to check for suspected enemy locations

When you get to level 6, Natures Prophet can use Nature’s Wrath to push troops + make extra money if this skill kills some soldiers in the other lane. Remember that this skill bounces more and more, so if you want to kill or kill the enemy champion’s health, use it in a lane that has many creeps first and then the skill will jump around the map itself, increasing the amount of damage significantly.

End of early there, change to mid lane

Mid game

Push, the simple task is to create a pupil, drag the tank, and hit the tower only. You can push with the team or go solo. When going solo, remember to bring at least 1 Observer ward to set the stage of that lane and then ask your teammates to pull the enemy in another lane, giving you enough time to nibble the tower. When in danger, Natures Prophet goes inside the jungle to cover Sprout and then disappear.

When combat occurs and force majeure you must attend, use Teleportation to the back of the enemy, targeting the blood kill cockroaches killed first. If the opponent has many short-handed heroes, you can wrap Sprout yourself into a bunker and then stand inside and shoot out.

When Sprout is almost out of time and the enemy is still not dead, immediately replay Nature’s Call (must reach lv4 level to be able to do it), you will have 5 children closed to the target. However, this is still bad luck because not always 5 children can stand to block 360 degrees of the enemy’s escape route, then Talent +4 Treant will help you do it with 100% success. attack (remember to use Nature’s Call right in the middle of the position where the enemy hero is trapped in a tree circle, not in the middle of it can still work)

Try to farm Aghanims Scepter and Kaya to increase the damage for the final move, help Natures Prophet creates more trees to push 3 lanes at the same time, and you are standing in a certain corner to continue the plowing of a hoe farmer-rat prime to marshal money deadly.

Late game

This is when Natures Prophet appears to be a real annoyance. With a huge amount of clothes and the most maneuverability, you can completely let the opponent stay at home for a long time without lifting the butt from the base for a second.

The first thing is to ensure the visibility in the lanes so that the Ulti can snatch the most enemy units, then wait until the creeps are crowded, you grab Nature’s Wrath and then press the Refresher orb to snatch one more, finish throw it in a backpack and hook other items to use (if any).

You should focus on pushing hard the top 2 lanes and bots because when the enemy def they will have to send the def defender away from the squad, it is difficult to back up each other. You do not need to spend too much gray to rat alone, in fear of spreading your pants because you do not know when you will be asked about health.

In case your team is being forced to lane, calmly push a lane, use Nature’s Wrath to stand from afar to clear the creeps, do not let the enemy destroy the backdoor protection status of the tower, as long as the def team is too weak, go back.