July 27, 2021


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Instructions To Play Skywrath Mage At The Support Position

Skywrath Mage

Skywrath Mage

Skywrath Mage has been a very strong nuker in Dota2 since its debut with his dangerous skill set and stable damage throughout the match.

How To Play Skywrath Mage – Advantages / Disadvantages

Skywrath Mage


  • Roam well, easy roam, early game
  • The skill has a long-range cast, quite safe when fighting
  • Silence blocks the muzzle of dangerous people on the enemy team, helping the team to dominate the teamfight
  • With good negative single-target damage, suitable for hunting squads


  • Small armor, lack of health, extremely sida before all kinds of damage
  • No escape skills, very easy access to the altar to watch the chicken naked
  • The ultimate is strong but difficult to use, need great support from skills and items
  • Nuker or support build style will consume mana like water

Skills Table For Skywrath Mage

Skywrath Mage

With the build support of Skywrath Mage, we do not need to accrue points to Arcane bolt, get max Ancient seal to lock the enemy’s muzzle better and reduce their magic resist for the slaughter utility team, followed by Concussive shot to get slow, medium help the team chases the target, both increase the slow ability to drop Mystic flare to cause more damage when the opponent is squirming, and Arcane bolt only need to get 1 point in the game to harass. Ultimately get the right level

About the talent we add as follows:

  • Talent lv10: 8 ints will be a more valuable choice than the 25 speed runs that Sky is already running fast.
  • Talent lv15: -6s Ancient seal CD will help you continuously ban opponents, not to mention drastically reducing their magic resist for your teammates nuke dmg
  • Talent lv20: using a Concussive shot full map may seem unrealistic if you do not guarantee enough visibility but this is also a good choice. However, a 15% reduction in the Ancient seal’s magic resist will help you finish an effective target, especially if you already own a lot of furniture.
  • Talent lv25: 600 damage from Mystic flare will be the realization of your deadly combo, however, 300 GPM will be a retreat if you are too short of items.

How To Play Skywrath Mage

Early game

Before picking Sky, you should pay attention to see if your team has a lot of skills that cause magic damage or disable anything, then pick, avoid before the team is full of physical damage, and pick the attack damage. The sky can take sup role in the lane or roam, depending on the situation you make the decision accordingly.

First check out the rune with the team, nothing special, then return to the lane or roam early always.

If in case Skywrath Mage sups in the lane, just buy a pile of Clarity and Arcane bolt spam spamming combination to run to poke the other guy’s blood (remember to dodge the creeps, this armor is thin so the creep bite is painful). Perform pull creeps to earn extra income and stack 1 or 2 camps for carrying later. Remember to pick up the bounty rune now, because you can’t farm.

When roam you should pay attention to the range of Concussive shot use, because this is a click-type skill that should always be used, so if you don’t pay attention to the range, you may miss this skill. Roam, buy a few bottles of Smoke of deceit for the sure owl.

The operation is also quite simple: ping signals for the guy in the lane to gank, the range used to shoot Concussive shot, finish shooting and run up to stuff the Ancient seal into the target to kill then bem skill + hit the vegetarian, In short, it’s important that you and your partner know how to coordinate or not. Keep the Town portal scroll ready to turn lanes whenever there is a turn.

Mid game

After going to the mid-game, now Skywrath Mage and the other gankers should gank + push hard to make space for carrying farm as well as earn more income.

Your combo for ganking is also quite simple: shoot Concussive slow shot of the enemy, use Ancient seal to lock the target muzzle and then release Mystic flare at the position where the opponent is dragging, or simply ask your teammate to disable the enemy to let you drop Mystic flare, or you can take the initiative without fear of missing out, don’t need to ask any guy to help you after you’ve bought Rod of Atos.

Combo fixes after Rod have the following: Concussive slow shot enemy, run back enough range, lock Ancient seal, then shoot Rod of Atos rooted and drop Mystic flare if the enemy is not dead, then add a few Arcane bolts or if within the reach of the teammates, especially the core guys, just leave them.

When the Ulti is in the recovery phase, just keep the Concussive shot and Ancient seal, it is best to stick to your nuker team to gank for efficiency and high productivity.

Continue to ensure visibility with Observer wards and Sentry wards, always bring Town portal scroll in-person to reverse lane in time.

Late game

Skywrath Mage

At the end of the game is the stage where Skywrath Mage must always stick with the teamfight, while also ensuring visibility at the places where the team you are moving, def, or push. Whenever there is a Smoke of deceit in the shop, you should buy it right away to use when your team wants to hunt

The mission in your teamfight is almost the same as in the mid-game: helping the team to finish a target quickly, it also depends on the initiator of the team you catch.

Try to avoid those who have purchased bad buff equipment such as Black King Bar, Guardian greaves,… because targeting them is quite useless (charge mother 800 mana with the 20s in the Ulti but not worth anything), use Ancient Seal on dangerous targets like initiator or nuker enemy team to lock their muzzle before the young guys can harm the team.

Perform that operation is complete, if there is still mana, just bem Arcane bolt hard on the nearest guy, poke how much blood just poke, and also do not forget to use your item there, that’s the end of the task.