July 27, 2021


Game CMD 368

Instructions To Play Terrorblade In A Multiplayer Style



Farm as carrying and build as a killer nuker. Yes, this is the style for Terrorblade.

How To Play Terrorblade – Advantages / Disadvantages



  • Large armor, starting speed of the top game
  • Farm easy, farm fast, push strong towers
  • Dmg big can weigh extremely strong team when fully furnished
  • The construction of cancer causes good inhibition to the enemy
  • Can still take on the role of carry-pusher with Metamorphosis and Conjure Image


  • Need to farm a number of new fixtures become corky
  • The blood of super cockroach does not have an effective escape skill, so ganking only water on the scoreboard
  • Always in a state of low blood, no care is being fucked up immediately
  • Regularly reported when playing in this style

Skills Table For Terrorblade


Simply need to max the game farm first, so Metamorphosis and Conjure Image of Terrorblade will be maximized first, Reflection can be taken 1 point early in the game or ignored always. Ultimately get the right level.

About the talent we add as follows:

  • Talent lv10: take 20 running speed and run quickly, further chemical chaos with this extra point will offset the loss of running speed
  • Talent Lv15: Any point can be taken, but it is advisable to draw blood to survive a hard time
  • Talent lv20: you can get 10 stats for healthy evenness, or if you just want to press the button to stuff the onion in the mouth of the opponent, take 10s cooldown reduction for Reflection and enjoy
  • Talent lv25: after buying all the toys, taking a 35s off Sunder will match the cooldown of Dagon for you to onion enemies. When late dragging, but you feel that this style no longer works, take 300 range for Metamorphosis to return to the traditional carry-pusher direction.

How To Play Terrorblade

Early game

At the beginning of the game before level 3, you should not be too aggressive, just farm and farm, even when Terrorblade has 3 skills, never be too aggressive. When you reach level 3 onwards, you can play more proactively than the opponent, with Metamorphosis and the support of your teammates, you can be early on because considering at level 2 at level 3, Metamorphosis gives you 40 extra attack also makes you a long-ranged hero, so you can kill now if you have the support of your teammates in the lane.

Once you have the basic items, you can turn to the forest farm if you want safety, otherwise, stick to the farm and push the pillar (remember to support the eyes in the forest entrance). No need to be high level, you can take care of the opponent’s Tier 1 towers in 2 to 3 waves if the enemy accidentally drops you free. Need to accelerate the farm during this period to get the important items are Shadow Blade and Dagon.

You should note that never buy every single piece of Dagon with Shadow Blade, but accumulate a bit of money and buy it, because if you buy each odd piece, the enemy will recognize immediately and of course will invest a few Sentry wards or Dust of appearance.

Mid game

At this stage, you start to hunt for prey when you have purchased two equipment, Dagon and Shadow Blade, to go

First of all, ask your support to plug their wards to ensure the sight of the hunting area, buy some Sentry wards for deward. Your job is quite gentle that you have to go to ancient monsters or cave into Roshan cave to beat it to death. Based on the exact time Shadow Blade looms up, it shows its cutting-edge face and unleashes its last hit ability.

Terrorblade should hide in a corner that pops up and then run out (vote you into the jungle holes that are less illuminated by ward to 2 corners of the map, mid forest, …). The work is quite light: Sunder changes the health, then Kaboom! with Dagon (such a low-wage and high-minded thing) repeated as squeezing a lemon. While waiting for skill recovery, you run to enlist farm or push the enemy tower, cooldown, then bounce to hunt a few more lives to make life more interesting.

Always keep the Town portal scroll ready to lick in time at any time from mid-game onwards.

Late game

This time, the enemy is warier of your bad game, so you can’t keep playing forever. At this stage, if you feel this style is still valuable, you can invest more Kaya and [i ethreal-blade] act as motors. In the opposite case, you should build the last 3 items of traditional carry such as Eye of Skadi, Butterfly or Manta Style for Terrorblade and stand to punch like a man

If nothing special, you should not go alone, but go with the team. In the case of an odd push, ask the team to lure the trigger to turn the battle somewhere on the map away from the lane you push for convenience. The way to play now is no different from the traditional carry style except that sometimes you can inject Dagon on low blood targets at your fingertips to kill-secure to enrich yourself nefariously. Always keep in your hands about 2k-2k5 gold for buying back if you lose your network somewhere right when the team needs you.