July 27, 2021


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Introducing Dota 2 Juggernaut The Strong Swordsman



In Dota 2, Ganker and Jungle are the two positions that contribute quite high in the team. Most of the damage to a team is provided from these two positions. For Dota 2, we will have a suitable candidate for these two positions, Juggernaut. This hero is known for his strong solo ability, fast speed and pretty stamina. he was a dream for teams that had paper blood Carry. Let’s find out more about this swordsman of Dota 2!

Dota 2 Juggernaut ‘s melee skill system


For a champion to play as a Ganker, speed and power are the top two requirements. Most heroes playing in this role have a very high variety of items. Juggernaut is also one of the heroes that own these elements. You can see it through his skill set:

  • Blade Fury: our general will rotate his sword in a circular motion for 5 seconds. Damage of this skill is calculated by spreading. All other enemy units within his range will take damage. At the same time, he will be restricted by some skills.
  • Healing Ward: This skill helps the magic swordsman summon a stake that acts as a pillar to heal. The amount of health this pile can recover is in percentage. Allied heroes and him, when healed within a radius of 500 units of the pile, will heal. He can summon stakes within 250 units.
  • Blade Dance: This is a skill that helps him to increase its damage by doubling the damage. The amount of damage that he will be calculated according to the standard damage. This is a fairly effective and basic skill that most melee champions have.

Juggernaut ‘s powerful ultimate


The trio of skills above is a simple but effective combination. In addition to helping him increase its flexibility in team fights. It also helps him increase the ability to support teammates for large fights. Besides, he also owns quite good Ulti with great damage and ability to finish safely.

Omnislash’s ultimate can help attack enemies quickly. When using this skill, he will constantly jump at the enemy, dealing damage in the range of 200 to 250 units. The amount of damage will vary according to Juggernaut ‘s base damage. This technique has a range of about 450 units and after each jump, it will have about 425 units. This is more than enough for a Gank lane or finish.

Guide combo and skill tips

For a melee hero like ours. The attack is an art, you must know how to combine your skills properly. Combo must ensure to cause maximum damage and keep your life after the fight. You can refer to the following tips and combo combinations:

  • Use Q for large team fights. With a large area of ​​damage, you should use his Q in a skill where enemies stand together or the appearance of other units. Only then he can be able to inflict maximum damage regardless of enemies in a fight.
  • Plunge W before fighting. The amount of health recovered from W seems to be quite small but over the long term, this is a great advantage for him in melee combat.
  • Activating E before using his R is a must because when you attack with R, normal attacks will be interfered. These attacks contribute to the maximum damage to enemies in combat. You should also use his R when fighting with 3 or fewer champions. Thus, the ability to disrupt the opponent’s squad will be higher and the amount of damage to the enemy team will be more effective.
  • A good combo that you should apply for 1 vs 1 fights. Tossing E to Q and W will help Juggernaut can limit the sticking and slowing attacks of enemy champions.