Game CMD 368

Introducing Hibana – Hard Breacher Suitable For Tactical Structure



Hibana is one of the two Operators from Japan deployed in the Red Crow campaign with his colleague Echo. She was an emerging Operator that gave the Hard Breacher position a choice other than Thermite.

Bio of Hibana


A native Nagoya, Imagawa travels the world to perfect her skills. She is an expert in the paramilitary fields, which is acquired by training with special forces like the FBI. , SAS, SWAT, GIGN, … The variety of training helped her achieve a variety of tactics which included narrow space attacks.

The daughter of a butcher, Imagawa was inspired by his family to practice Kyudo as a child (It will be related to her Elite Skin). This long-range weapon marked her journey with martial arts. narrative by her perfection in her ability to assess many factors while performing actions correctly, controlling soft movement.

The knowledge she gained is largely due to her involvement in high-risk areas. During her training at the National Police Academy, she was nicknamed Hibana for her ability to improvise with explosive devices and good leadership in training. Fluent in 7 languages ​​with the ability to master all types of weapons, she was recruited by a special unit of the Aichi Prefectural Police Department, where her expertise and charisma helped her advance quickly.

Psychological profile

She is a natural leader. Impatient and adaptable, she inspires many people to work together for common goals.



Hibana is a 3-speed, 1-armor operator with special equipment including a special gun with the ability to fire bullets with the ability to penetrate walls along with reinforced Hatches (Reinforce).

  • Her X-Kairos releases 6 bullets (Breaching pellet) arranged in 2×3 format with a maximum of 3 launches. This device does not require aiming like normal guns, but you will have a rectangular frame-shaped by a laser visible to everyone. To activate the bullets after being fired, she will have to press the button to perform the activation. After a short “melt time”, the bullets will explode. create a hole like the intended laser frame.
  • The bullets can only grip on the plane, when unable to grip, they will splash and cannot explode. If shot at people will cause a very small amount of damage (1 damage).
  • Hibana ‘s Breaching Pellets at all distances will be square in the rectangle that she has aligned with the laser marker.
  • Firearms, explosives, or melee use can break the Breaching Pellet on the plane.
  • At least 4 Breaching Pellets are required to destroy a Hatch; while only one is needed for Mira’s “Black Mirror”.
  • These bullets will be destroyed if the reinforcement wall has been contaminated by Bandit, Kaid. Or be disabled if behind it is Mute’s jamming device.

There are 3 ways to make a hole to move through in 3 ways:

  • Shoot 1 cluster of X-Kairos Pellets at the wall segment close to the ground to crawl through.
  • Shoot 2 X-Kairos Pellet clusters so you can sit and move over.
  • Shoot 3 X-Kairos Pellet clusters to be able to move through easily.

You can activate multiple pellet clusters to break multiple points at once.

Tips And Tricks When Play Hibana

She is a very versatile operator, how to use her effectively will suit each strategy set by the team. I personally have some tips for using her gadget:

  • Trying to master the opening of the wall to be able to penetrate the area with a single pellet cluster helps you save the remaining bullets to create more access for teammates.
  • You can completely shoot down the bullets breaking your wall to create murder holes to peek the enemy on the site. However, during the “melt time” process, the bullets will make a sound, so consider this option to avoid being shot out from the holes you create.
  • Activate multiple pellet clusters at once to help you fake your position, creating virtual directions to confuse the enemy. But report your position to avoid teammates being used enemies that you create to destroy.
  • Hibana is an extremely suitable Operator for top-down fighting by opening multiple Hatches that are reinforced at the same time. Take advantage of it if you want to take advantage of the high place but also watch out for your standing position because if possible, the defenders are ready to give you the love when they have shaped your position.