Game CMD 368

Introducing IQ – Operator With ability To Discover And Destroy Devices

Introducing IQ - Operator With ability To Discover And Destroy Devices

Introducing IQ - Operator With ability To Discover And Destroy Devices

Are you afraid because of the enemy trap, C4 balls placed somewhere and exploding suddenly, or simply being detected continuously without knowing where the camera is? IQ is a great help for those situations

Bio of IQ


Monika has had an interest in electronics since childhood. When she was 16, she completed an internship at a local technology company. Thereafter the academic path continued at MIT and Caltech in the US. After college, she traveled a year before devoting her life to a new challenge, the Federal Police Force (BPOL). Monika excelled in a new environment and after 2 years with BPOL, she was recruited by GSG-9. She is an outstanding, hard-working, fast-absorbed person as if she is naturally born in any field.

Licensed by Electrical Engineering by one of the Ivy League schools and served in the GSG-9 Air Force technical and testing force, Monika uses a trap detector and electrical devices. within a certain distance.



Her  Elite skin reminds you of the ’80s with the GSG-9 workout kit, the old headphones, along with the Specter skin as the Walkman music player ever since.

  • IQ can scan the following devices:
  • 2 bombs in Bomb mode.
  • Bio bins in Secure mode.
  • Default camera.
  • Bomber character in Terrorist Hunt.
  • Nitro Cell (C4).
  • Bulletproof camera.
  • Operators’ devices: Mute, Kapkan, Jager, Bandit, Pulse, Smoke, Valkyrie, Echo, Lesion, Ela, Vigil, Maestro, Alibi, Clash, Mozzie, phones for Dokkaebi to hack.
  • The device disables the Defuser from the defending side while being removed
  • When Specter is activated, IQ can only use a pistol.
  • The distance Specter can scan is 20m.

Loadout of IQ

She owns 3 main weapons and 1 secondary weapon:

Main weapons:

  • 552 Commando: 48 damage, rate of fire of 690 rounds/minute. This is the most picked gun when playing IQ because of the large amount of damage, the average recoil, easy to guess to control.
  • AUG A2: Damage 42, rate of fire of 720 rounds/minute. Slight recoil.
  • G8A1: Damage 37, rate of fire of 850 rounds/minute, this LMG has up to 50 bullets compared to 30 rounds. The number of bullets is enough to make a big difference but due to the slow aiming speed (ADS), this choice still makes many players timid.

Secondary weapon:

  • P12 Pistol: 44 damage, enough to take down 3 enemies.

Additional gadget:

  • Breach Charge: breaking soft walls.
  • Claymore: Lazer mines, replaced the Frag Grenade (grenades) due to the era when she was so bad with this combo.

Tips & Trick

  • Valkyrie is an annoying operator for attackers, please spend some time at the beginning of the game to find Valkyrie cams outside the map, avoid teammates or yourself discovered by the enemy, run out to shoot.
  • Before you or a teammate enters an area, stand in a safe position to scan traps and electronic devices. Destroy them if possible, if not possible, inform your teammates for their attention.
  • She can safely support Thermite to open walls if Bandit or Mute devices are in a position where a soft wall/ceiling/floor can be penetrated.
  • Vigil when turned on the stealth device will appear on your Specter scanner. If Vigil is detected behind a wall or a penetrating floor, aim a little higher than that device and shoot, headshot ability is lower The enemy will be taller than hitting 1 bullet and letting the enemy run away. This applies the same to Pulse.
  • For her P12 pistol, although the silencer will reduce damage, it will be less likely to be detected by the enemy when you walk around destroying cameras or traps.
  • When the defenders try to turn off their phone when Dokkaebi is hacked, they will appear on the IQ scanner, each one is an enemy, shoot through the floor, soft walls if possible to defeat the enemy or report their location. for teammates.
  • When the defending party tries to remove the Defuser in Bomb mode, their machine will appear on the scanner, you can use this to create a situation that the other side did not expect.
  • With 3 speeds and a pretty strong gun, IQ in addition to support is also classified as a fragger specializing in kills. If your skill is not too bad, don’t be afraid to fight with the enemy
  • However, she can not scan Frost’s Welcome Matt trap, you should combine both your drone and your dedicated Gadget to be able to detect this type of trap if you do not want to leave the game too early.
  • Don’t be too focused on scanning and defending the defending electronics, you still need to be aware of your surroundings to avoid being detected by the enemy. A lot of players made this basic mistake when participating in matches.