Game CMD 368

Introducing Jager – A Precious Gem of Protectors



When you have him on the team, you won’t have to worry about those grenades anymore. Jager is exactly a talisman protecting you from the “unknown flying objects” out there.

Bio of Jager


Raised by a mechanic-uncle who worked at the site after the reunification of Germany became the Bundespolizei Aviation Group (BPOL). Streicher joined BPOL as a helicopter technician. He began researching the design of defensive weapons systems, including the prototype of the active defense system on the ground – Active Defense System (ADS), and attracted the attention of GSG9. As a veteran of the anti-piracy organization GSG9, he was called into Team Rainbow.

Psychological Records

Streicher is very creative and curious, along with a strong desire to contribute. However, he did not seem to be very modest. Because of working with machines so much, he is not good at reading social signals. He is very lively but sometimes a little rude.

Loadout of Jager


Jager is the only rival Operator so far to be fortunate to own a true Carbine. The 416-C Carbine gun with 43 damage and a decent rate of fire, the recoil is too comfortable for all the accessories that turned Jager into a hunter as his name (Jager in German has means hunter).

The ability to win most of his 1v1 solo plays with this gun is the thorn of the attacker. (It’s not natural that Ubisoft had to remove ACOG on this gun to partially reduce his strength. Where is this guy? Jager is a hot pick in Competitive thanks to the support for teammates from his ADS and the ability to roam well with 3 speeds.

Another gun in Jager’s two main gun slots is the M870 shotgun, the gun that Recruiters regularly use to implement breakthrough Rush site tactics, sometimes still applied in Casual fights. With a good ability to hit, the effective range is enough to satisfy the most demanding players. However, it will still rank below 416-C one level in the choices of Jager players.

The secondary gun slot with the P12 gun is nothing too outstanding, but is enough with what Jager has on everyone?

Jager’s bundled gadgets are Deloyable Shield and Barbed Wire. These will work for each individual style of play, hope you will use it well to win.


An armor 1 operator, Jager owns 3 ADS-MKIV devices with the name “Magpie” in the game. It can prevent grenades from flying within range. However, what makes Jager brand will be revealed later.

  • ADS can be placed on surfaces like walls and floors.
  • Each Jager ADS device can hold a maximum of 2 explosive materials before stopping operation because of empty ammunition. “Magpie” will not go away even if it runs out of ammo, but there will be no more red LEDs. Pay attention to this point to make sure you are safe.
  • ADS can only block things within the detection range and have a line of sight to it. Placing your device in a place with good coverage will help it work most effectively.
  • There will be no delay between the interceptions of ADS. That means ADS can prevent 2 times immediately.
  • Placing multiple ADS in one place does not mean that all will be activated by a single grenade.
  • Jager ADS will have a low sound that can be heard near enough. The interception of the device is reflected in the grenade clearance. You can identify the location of ADS through the trajectory it leaves.

List of devices that will be blocked by Jager ADS:

  • Frag Grenade
  • Stun Grenade
  • Smoke Grenade.
  • Thatcher’s EMP.
  • Ash’s bullets penetrate.
  • Fuze’s Cluster Charge grenades.
  • Candela of Ying.
  • Zofia’s explosive and stun grenade.
  • Nomad’s Airjab.