Game CMD 368

Introducing Mira – Operator Changed All Siege Meta Games



It is no exaggeration to say that Mira is the operator who changed the entire meta of this game. We learn that she is an Operator deployed to the Velvet Shell campaign in the Rainbow Six Siege game. Although debuted for a long time, her hotness has never cooled down in Casual and Competitive. It is no exaggeration to say that she is the operator who changed the entire meta of this game.

Bio of Mira


Working with father in the family mechanical shop since childhood. Álvarez can find weaknesses on any machine and turn it into an advantage. She joined the Cuerpo Nacional de Policía police force – the National Police Corps to be able to serve those in need of protection, to serve her country.

Her knowledge of machines as well as her constant exploration drove her to become an expert in the field of bulletproof materials. She participated in Grupo Especial de Operaciones (GEO) – Spanish police unit to develop and test these materials on the battlefield.

Psychological Records

Abandoned by her mother from birth, she was raised by her father and raised in Madrid. As an only child, she found joy while working at the family store.

During the Blue Orion campaign, Mira and another agent, Eliza Cohen (Ash), had controversy and it led to their confrontation. This needs to be investigated further to avoid risks that will occur in future missions.

Loadout of Mira


She has a very good main gun, Vector. Although the damage is 21, with a tremendous rate of fire, moderate recoil, the gun can completely kill the enemy in just 1 round of bullets after you eject from the mirror. However, with only 25 rounds of ammunition and a high rate of fire, it can burn 1 of your magazine very quickly, please pay attention to use this gun well.

  • Another gun in her two main gun slots is the ITA12L shotgun, which is not too prominent when her sub-gun has another shotgun, the ITA12S – a shortened version of this gun itself. Used to puncture walls and floors. Please use it at the right time.
  • Her secondary gun slot also has a USP40 gun, but like the ITA12L, it is completely overshadowed by the ITA12S shotgun in the same position.
  • Mira ‘s accompanying gadgets are Deployable Shield and Nitro Cell. These will work for each individual style of play, hope you will use it well to win.


  • She is a 3-arm Operator equipped with 2 Black Mirror one-way mirrors, which allows her and her teammates to have a safe view without fear of enemy fire.
  • She and her companions could look to the other side through a toughened glass with reinforced air compressors that made its surface completely indestructible by conventional gunfire. If you want to shoot through a mirror, you can smash the compressed air tank so that the mirror falls down, creating a murder hole for yourself. The opponent will not know who is behind the mirror because the front of the mirror cannot see through.
  • She can place mirrors on both soft walls and reinforced walls.
  • She is equipped with 2 Black Mirrors, the time to deploy the mirror placement is 5 seconds. The mirror that Mira has placed cannot be retrieved, so be sure to make your own decisions when placing the mirror.
  • She could only place the mirror on the side where she had the reinforcement wall, not on the other side of the wall. Remind your teammates when they reinforce the wall.”The other side won’t be able to deploy her mirror.”
  • Protect your mirror because the tank can be destroyed at any time, and you don’t want to face the enemy that way. When the gas tank breaks, there will be a gas leak and the mirror will fall down after 1 second. Know that to prepare for upcoming threats.
  • 4 screws in 4 corners of the mirror, if destroyed by Maverick using the Exothermic Torch torch, will make the mirror completely disappear instead of remaining as a border as when breaking the air tank.