Game CMD 368

Introducing Operator in Rainbow Six Siege Mute



Who is it that can silence all attackers’ electronics? That is Mute.

Bio of Mute


Chandar graduated secondary school at the age of 12. As a science prodigy, he was admitted to Cambridge University, Faculty of Engineering at the age of 14 after completing an internship at a British technology company during his transition period, while he was improving. improve the prototype of a new security system.

Psychological Records

Chandar is extremely intelligent and has excellent analytical abilities. He was the youngest and the smartest man in his room. As a man of few words, he likes to be brief and clear in communicating, and he is sometimes misunderstood as a rude person.

Gameplay of Mute


As a 2-arm Operator, Mute is equipped with 4 GC90 signal breakers called “Moni”, which can disable remote control of explosive devices or drones of the attacker.

  • Mute ‘s signal jammers can jam the attacker’s electronic devices over a wide area. The attacker’s drone will sense the jammer’s presence when the screen starts to noise slightly, the closer the contact becomes, the noise and noise area will be clearer. If you enter the effective range of the device, the drone will be completely disabled.
  • Signal breakers have an effective radius of 2.25 meters, effectively covering two reinforced walls. This jamming range also extends upwards, covering about 2.5 meters vertically, making it possible to disable some devices from below.
  • Jammer has the ability to jam signals for any remotely controlled or detonated attacker’s electronics, including Drone, Breach Charge, Eyenox of Jackal, preventing the ability to detect movement of EE-One-D of Lion. It can also disable the attacker’s controllers when standing next to the jammer.
  • When the signal breaker is put down, it will make a noise, sufficient to be heard if nearby.

Tips & Trick

  • Put Jammer effectively to take full advantage of it. Prevent the attacker’s drone from obtaining information in the Preparation Phase by placing it in the entrance, drone hole. In the Active Phase, use it as a way to prevent the attacker from using your electronic devices.
  • Do not place your device too close to the uninitiated wall, as reinforcing the wall can destroy the jammer immediately.
  • Mute jammers can be destroyed in the usual way by hand or burst. Please pay attention to place it in a discreet position to avoid being destroyed easily by the enemy.
  • The jammer can be destroyed if you placed near the reinforced walls that were infected by Shockit’s Band Wire or Kaid’s Electroclaw, avoid the places they have ordered if you do not want your team to get -10 points.
  • The jammer will be a great combination if you combine it with gadgets of other players, such as combining with Castle’s Armor Panel to prevent enemies from destroying it quickly with Breaching Charge or preventing Fuze from attacking. The objective with Cluster Charge.
  • However, due to its electronic nature, the Jammer of Mute can be detected with IQ’s Electronics Detector. And it also cannot prevent physical detonation devices such as Ash’s Breaching Round, Grenade, EMP, …