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Introducing Operator in Rainbow Six Siege Thermite



You need access, you want to break down certain walls of the enemy that are blocking the way. Congratulations, Thermite – “The pioneer” is exactly the one operator you need.

Bio of Thermite


Jordan “Thermite” Trace joined the Marines after finishing high school, having fought in Iraq twice. After sleeping, with support of G.I. Bill studied and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Texas A&M University. Later, he joined the FBI. After four years of field agents, he was transferred to the FBI SWAT unit.

He is an organized, disciplined, orderly person. He knows when to relax, especially in social situations. With good improvisation, Trace is more about controlling things than giving them a chance to happen.


When using Exothermic Charges, both sides of the wall will show sparks cut with a sizzling signal to the defending side to know that they are prepared to open.

Exothermic Charges will be destroyed if hit, or when it is placed on an infected wall (Bandit’s Trick and Kaid’s Trick, these will be mentioned in the two Operators), Mute’s wifi can only be disabled it, …

As he said: “A really big fucking hole coming right up”, the defenders will use many ways to protect the reinforced walls (Mute equipment, Bandit, …). Therefore, he desperately needs his brother Thatcher, his wife IQ, and his daughter Twitch. Without them, he would be difficult to deploy Exothermic Charge and the game would be much harder. So try to remove all obstacles, open the way to the site because, in Siege, time is gold and silver. The more you spend resources to open the way, the greater the chance of winning.

Loadout of Thermite


Thermite has two main guns, including the Assault Rifle 556xi and the Shotgun M1014. Although the M1014 is a shotgun that can be fired continuously without bullets, it is still a highly entertaining gun, when the majority of players use the 556xi gun.

The gun has an average rate of fire (690 rounds/minute) but in return has a low aperture and large damage (47), so the ability to fight medium and long-range guns is very good. The secondary gun will have 2 options, 5.7 5.7G guns for 20 rounds to release or M45 MEUSOC with low ammo but big damage.

In addition to equipping 2 Exothermic Charges, you have an extra Gadget such as Stun Grenade to push site or Claymore to protect yourself and your teammates. It all depends on you, according to your level of excitement and play. As for equipping guns, I would like to speak in a separate article.

Tips & Trick

With Thermite

  • There is a trick to breaking Hatch Reinforced (with equipment defending from the defense) that you can place Exothermic Charge next to the soft floor (required condition). Exothermic Charge will destroy Hatch easily without having to spend resources to destroy enemy equipment.
  • You should determine which walls need to be broken, which are not, avoid consuming resources without providing value to the attack.

With the defending side

  • He using Exothermic Charge will take about 3 seconds, so if the conditions are favorable, you can take him down or block him with Yokai’s shock wave, Echo’s drones. Depending on the map, information of teammates, and experience, you can use C4 thrown from the floor to lower him.
  • You can also use Meastro’s Evil Eye to destroy Exothermic Charges.
  • When the Exothermic Charges is activated, the sparks start burning, Bandit can put his battery in Reinforced thought to break his Exothermic Charges. This is called Bandit’s Trick and at this point, it will need a lot of integration from both sides to break down walls and protect walls. Kaid and Mute also have tricks but it is also more difficult, depending on timing to prevent him from opening the wall.
  • Using the trick to open the hatch above, the defender can throw impact on the soft floor near the hatch to destroy Exothermic Charge
  • In particular, there is a rather troll and weird way that you use the ability to hack the drone of Mozzie and steal the Shock Drone of Twitch, and you only have to ride the cart to Thermite and it will probably lead to some other funny situations.