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Introducing Tachanka – The Living God In The Gamers’ Heart



As one of the original Operators appeared from the early days of the game Rainbow Six Siege. Tachanka still has a place in the heart of the game’s longtime players or even those who are new to the game. Yes, exactly in the hearts of fans and we will learn about him in the analysis below.

Bio of Tachanka


Born into a family with a tradition with all generations serving in the Red Army. Sevaniev enlisted as soon as he turned 18. After the Soviet Union withdrew from Afghanistan, Senaviev was transferred to Spetsnaz shortly before the fall of the Soviet Union.

Sevaniev has been heavily involved in armed conflicts, which can be listed as The conflict in Afghanistan, the conflict in Chechnya and Georgia.

Psychological Records

He is known to be quite an active person when he can joke around in dangerous situations. However, poor social capital and the ability to express also created many disadvantages for him.

He has a collection of weapons from the Soviet era, their simplicity and effectiveness have been proven. So even though modern technologies are being widely used on the battlefield, he still has an RP-46 Degtyaryov machine gun with a design from nearly a century ago.

In the Outbreak mission, we can clearly see that Tachanka completely ignored what agent Eliza Cohen (Ash) was saying but only focused on finding guns from the Soviet era on the online shopping site. Express Merch. Until he realized the origin of the strange object originated from the remains of the Soviet Union, he was really serious.

Loadout of Tachanka


Tachanka and Kapkan both have a completely identical set of guns, the first can be mentioned with the SMG 9x19VSN gun with moderate damage, recoil, and rate of fire. This is a good choice to fight at various distances for him. However, because all stats are only average, the gun is not too overestimated compared to the other gun.

His other gun is the SASG-12 shotgun. This is also a one-on-one ten option for the other gun, even if it is a close-range gun, but combining the LMG for long-range hold combined with this gun for close-range combat is an advantage for him, the recoil is quite large but completely controllable so the gun should absolutely try in certain cases.

His secondary gun slot is 2 GSH-18 and PMM pistols. Since GSH-18 has a large magazine (18 rounds), PMM has superior damage (61 compared to 44) even with only 8 rounds. This is also a situation selection that you should try. His gadgets are Deployable Shield and Barbed Wire.


He is a three-arm Operator equipped with an LMG, a Degtyaryov gun with a round magazine that can hold 60 (+1) rounds. In the past, his Degtyaryov was just a gun on a stand. However, with the help of Mira, she researched and added a bulletproof glass to it to protect its users. Glass can block 500 damage before being completely destroyed.

  • His LMG has a very wide angle so he can cover a 60-degree angle in all directions. Take advantage of it to list 2 roads, protecting Objective is also an idea, not a bad one.
  • Despite being a machine gun, the LMG of Tachanka has a low rate of fire, which falls to about 550 rounds/minute. In return, it has great damage with 66 damage per shot.
  • LMG can destroy walls more than other guns, please take advantage of it if your teammates do not carry wall-destroying devices like Impact or shotgun.
  • Once deployed, the gun can be used by everyone. Be careful when placing guns to avoid assisting the opponent in handling his teammates.
  • When there is no user, the gun can be completely destroyed by normal ammunition.
  • When you keep aiming, the center of the gun will become smaller, not the ADS as other guns and the speed of rotation will slow down.
  • Combining with the Deployable Shield to protect your lower portion from incoming fire is a perfect option for Tachanka to be able to fight with the enemy.