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Introducing the Crafty Spider Broodmother Dota 2



For a highly tactical game, it is necessary to choose strange heroes. Broodmother Dota 2 is one of the heroes who own this element.

Learn the skills of Broodmother Dota 2

  • Spawn Spiderlings: This skill helps the little brood to consider her minions are born. When activated, our champion will unleash poison attacks on the opponent leaving spider eggs. After two seconds these eggs will hatch or when the enemy dies. A high accuracy attack for the designated target.
  • Spin Web: for forest terrain, this skill is quite attractive. It helps create large mesh nets for her to move. When located in the diameter of the net, the champion will have increased base health regen, movement speed.
  • Moreover, the invisible effect will be applied to Broodmother ‘s body. This is a great advantage when moving into the teamfight above these spider nets.
  • Incapacitating Bite: When attacking her, you will use your venom to inject into enemy ants for basic attacks that can miss rate. Besides, the enemy is also slowed by the general’s attack.
  • Insatiable Hunger: activating this skill helps our champion to increase the damage as well as the ability to suck blood. Most of her attacks are melee so this skill is very suitable for team fights.

Combined skills on Broodmother


Through the system of tactics above you can already imagine for this general should use any combination of tactics. Usually, you will combine moves like Spin Web to create an early game teamfight advantage. Next, use Incapacitating Bite to avoid shock damage when fighting melee with strong control champions. Lastly, use Insatiable Hunger to make sure the win is on your side.

This combo is very suitable for solo or solo situations when the opponent has not returned. Besides, you should also apply some of the following combat tips:

  • Spawn Spiderlings: Use this skill to limit the way the lane from the champions with large hand damage.
  • Spin Web: if the terrain you are fighting is too beneficial for the enemy then it is best to use this skill. Changing the battle terrain will ensure your attack and defense.
  • Insatiable Hunger: only use this skill when it is really needed. Because this is like a blow to Broodmother. If used too much or not at the right time can cause very high back effects.

Battlefield advantage

This champion owns for his extremely diverse gameplay especially when fighting in Bot lane. The rotation of this champion from Support to Pusher is very fast. You can lose towers in a flash if you take the lane with her.

For champions with the same design, she seems to be a bit better in terms of opposition. Because this general always carries with him a group of 8-legged minions. They are ready to fight to the death without worrying about anything.

When laning this amount of monsters can bring huge advantages for Broodmother. This spider will together with its allies across the enemy team formation in an instant.

The item system that can be built for this champion is also very diverse. This is a not too picky general, you can see this when holding her.

Limiting the power of the insidious spider

Do is a general with a variety of gameplay if not more. This champion is very difficult to play max strength. When you reach a certain level, you will not be able to continue building this hero to become stronger.

He also does not possess any ability to suppress the enemy. The lack of crowd control makes her single team fights devastating. You should avoid fighting with the well-controlled champions or else it will be real.

In addition, the possession of too many bets makes her difficult to control. It takes a lot of time for you to get used to the play of this general. The units you control will also become good prey if you encounter long-ranged ADC.

Another point on her quality is Spin Web which is a skill that helps increase the advantage of this champion. If outside the effective area of ​​the skill, Broodmother will lose a lot of ability to actively fight.