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Introducing the Queen of Pain Dota 2

Queen of Pain

Queen of Pain

Through the quality of Queen of Pain can see this Hero is a super warrior who has everything a player needs.

When entering combat she can deal damage to both short and long-range. A hero who owns quite a lot of favor from the manufacturer.

Queen of Pain Dota 2 and skill design

Queen of Pain

Shadow Strike

Our female ghost will throw a knife straight at the enemy. This knife brings damage and causes enemies to suffer the effects of bleeding.

Every 3 seconds the enemy will take a certain amount of damage. The effect lasts for 15 seconds, the enemy takes effect until the end of the attack.


This skill helps the Queen of Pain to move quite a distance. A trick that helps players to run away and chase depending on the situation.

You can also use this technique to defeat the enemy and coordinate other techniques to defeat the enemy.

Scream of pain

When entering the teamfight and besieged this skill will be very effective. It was simply a spreading attack that affected nearby enemies.

This skill is suitable for single target Ganker phases. This is also a good skill for farming when traveling or jungle.

Sonic wave

An attack with cone spread damage. This technique is very suitable for large fights. Launching this attack first will give you certain advantages.

Remember to choose the correct direction because this is a directional skill, not a directed attack.

Advantage from the skill system of Queen of pain

Queen of Pain

Players can notice the following points when talking about the skill advantage of Queen of pain:

Pretty damaging hands combined with fast attack speed. A champion possesses the ability to switch between Nuker and Semi Carry positions very well. When fighting in the long-range, she is a rather violent warrior.

The skill system is balanced by the fleeing move combined with short and long-range attacks. When playing as Midlaner, she can be extremely ganking. She can bring valuable resources for the team right from the beginning of the game when all three of his skills are reached.

The ability to poke well with Shadow Strike especially when the lane is waiting for a gank from the team. While the opponent is struggling to find a way to heal, this painful Queen can roam the farm without fear of anything.

Notable weakness on the design of Queen of pain

Need to farm a lot because if leveling up and not timely up the map is very easy to waste. Especially in the late game, this general will be weaker by the lack of items.

You should spend time accumulating money. When you have enough money to equip equipment, your fighting will be more stable and safer.

Quite costly mana for casting, this is also very easy to understand. Because if this champion has both high mana and strong skill, the fight is unfair.

Especially for the other champions, they will be crushed by her quality. Items that support mana regeneration are also very suitable for this hero’s item system.

Absolutely no control skills are also one of the weaknesses in general design.

When he can only attack and run, this general will be quite wasted. If the team needs a champion that can be stunned, dumb, petrified then Queen of pain is not a good choice.

Tip for using Queen of pain

If you have played this champion, it is best to attack with a gank because it is most suitable.

A champion can suddenly appear to deal massive damage and then disappear, there’s nothing left. When traveling, you should use Blink to escape when being ganked by the enemy team.

Taking advantage of the bushes and rocks in the game obscures the enemy’s vision to face down. This is also a good way to promote the quality of the Queen of pain.

In addition to giving yourself equipment like sucking blood and avoiding shock, the damage is also needed for this champion. It limits you to be an innocent bluff without yawning.

Moreover, when traveling with low health like this champion, it is very difficult to have a good staying ability. Sucking equipment is essential for the hero’s physique.