July 30, 2021


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Introducing The strongest monster called Roshan – Dota 2



Roshan is not the name of a hero but this is the name of a monster, a powerful Creep. In the game he plays a very important role, it gives players a lot of benefits. That’s why he is always mentioned.

Outline of the ruler of map Roshan


Although only counted as a Creep unit, the power, and points related to Roshan are endless. To kill this monster sometimes you need teamwork. He is not only strong, but it will get stronger over time. This is reasonable because the player is also getting stronger, not only this monster is getting stronger. Later on, this monster will be harder to defeat and the more items it drops will be more attractive.

He is equipped with up to 5 skills and unlike other Creeps, it can freely attack. These moves will prevent the player from trying to take it down. It sounds difficult, but there are many gamers who set records for defeating him. At the top of the list is none other than Miracle from Team Liquid. A player who is extremely agile and has fairly casual but effective gameplay.

Basic specifications and Gain Stat


When clicking on this monster you will admire a lot of interesting things. Roshan ‘s specifications will be shown through the following details:

Health stat is 7500 units, every additional 5 minutes every 5 minutes. Accompanied by armor plus 0.5 and base damage plus 10 points. This is more than enough to make it difficult for players regardless of the stage. Imagine when you farm this monster even more powerful.

This monster mana cost will be 2000 and won’t change with level. This mana is just enough for our monster to fight against the player. Using skill effectively is always his advantage. That’s why many players have to take quite a hard time to destroy this big creep.

Every 10 minutes killed, he will respawn once. With his highest realm, this monster will be the fear of the player. The HP will be 12000 units, 2000 mana, and have 155 base damage on the ground, 288 damage in the air, and 8 units on the armor.

Roshan’s 5 skills system

As mentioned above, our monster possesses the same skills as champions. Those 5 skills include:

Spell Block: the name says it all. An enemy champion’s skill applied to Roshan will be blocked. This technique will have a countdown of 15 seconds. Players should toss a blind ball to disable his skill before launching other skills. Doing so will save effort when trying to defeat him.

Spell Resistance: This is a passive skill. It helps our monster will be increased to 75% of magic damage resistance. It reduces the effect of spells on him itself. A great advantage if any player wants to disable the Spell Block to put another Spell on it.

Bash: If you’re lucky this monster can do more damage to enemy champions with more than 50 standard damage. At the same time, the player will be stunned for about 1.65 seconds when hit.

Slam: when you realize there are 3 nearby enemy units, this monster will immediately launch Slam. This is a spreading attack to deal with a large number of approaching enemies.

Illusion Prevention: This is a skill that helps Roshan fight Illusion Prevention intent on attacking it. However, this ability only works on Illusion attacks him. If not then your Illusion will be safe. If you want your Illusion to work, don’t beat it that way.