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Introducing Tiny Dota 2 The Giants With Unparalleled Potential



Known as the creator of true nightmares, especially for enemy champions with low health or Carry thin armor. Tiny Dota 2 is known as one of the hot picks for the position of killer and Semi-Tanker in the game. This is a suitable choice for many different playing styles. Please refer to the information related to him in this game!

Special characteristics


Usually heroes with big bodies like Tiny always have the default tank position. This hero possesses skills that bring tremendous damage. It is possible to create separate tactics in the first 10 minutes of the game.

The ability to put effective damage from his attack system is always appreciated. This champion is often a hot pick for games that need flexibility. Because of nature of he can build all types of lanes. Top, Bot, and Mid, there are no lanes that he can’t go.

You can see the hero’s quality most clearly through his skill system. The flexibility in the way of building and the combination of hegemony combos has brought him favors. Our giants will have the following advantages and disadvantages. You need to understand these points to be able to offer gameplay suitable for him. Let’s analyze this Hero!

The strength of Tiny Dota 2


If we talk about the strength of a hero, we have to mention the skill system and stats. From these points, the player can determine what type of hero, where the main power comes from. And this is exactly how Tiny controls the battlefield. Some of the unique advantages of this stone man are:

A combined skill combo will create a great amount of shock damage. The two skills Toss and Avalanche if timed to coordinate will create a big shock. Especially for champions of type AD or SP have a little amount of health. You should focus on developing these two skills as well as on item effects. This will be an advantage for both solo combat and total combat in your game.

Stat points on the level increase and stabilize through each level. This is a huge advantage because players can focus on farming without worrying about fighting. If a teamfight occurs, the massive damage is a guarantee of his life.

The size increases in proportion to the amount of available blood. Late game if built under the semi tank or Full tank, he is like a castle. The big body makes a solid shield for the AD. He helps create a suitable distance to keep team fights in the home team. The desired Tanker of any attacking formation.

Weaknesses of Tiny

Having a strong advantage will naturally have a big weakness, Tiny also brings a few weaknesses that players need to pay attention to. Avoid exposing these weaknesses to enemies. The points that need to be focused on remedying are:

A big body corresponding to doing anything is also slow. He possesses a powerful skill set, but the response speed is quite slow. Especially with the frequency of attacks, players must spend a lot of effort to build up appropriate items against the slow attack of him.

High mana consumption for each skill. This is understandable because he uses magic damage and basic damage in parallel. Therefore the amount of basic mana supplied is very small. You need to build yourself the right skill to roll before his mana returns to zero.

The movement speed is limited and it is easy to be hit and run. At the same time, he does not have the ability to approach enemy champions. He has no acceleration skill mainly used to deal damage and the effect is very poor. This is also the only reason requiring Tiny to equip acceleration items. Otherwise, you will become a good prey for the enemy AD team.