July 30, 2021


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Introduction Of How To Play Kunkka Dota 2



Instructions to play Kunkka Dota 2 has and will always be a hot topic that players are interested in. There are many issues related to this topic. The following guide will give you the most necessary knowledge about him.

Guide to play Kunkka in many different positions


For players who have participated in matches more than losing or competing. The heroes with the ability to weigh the team and turn the tables are always the first pick. These heroes often have a very good ability to stay in lane in the long term. They can solo for a long time without recalling to the main house to heal. With excellent fighting skills, the ability to create extreme moves.

These are the heroes who always get very high favor from the player. Some gamers when coming to Dota 2 also choose for themselves these heroes and practice to become a champion. However, not everyone is able to do that. Players also need to have their own skills before choosing a hero.

Referring to the hot pick heroes in Dota 2, it is hard to ignore the name Kunkka. This hero was a nightmare for many players. In picks and bans, he is often banned first if the home or enemy team feels they should avoid strong champions that fall into the opponent’s hands.

That’s also why it is difficult to see heroes like him being picked in ranked matches. The pick is one thing but really controlling this hero or not is another story. Here is the sharing of his prominence in Dota 2.

Instructions for playing Kunkka Dota 2 with the creation of a super champ


This is a hero with many advantages, especially in the early game. If you make good use of the following advantages, you will become the main strength of the team:

Kunkka has a lot of early game health, he is always better than the enemy hero in terms of speed of increase in strength through the levels. This prevents him from relying too much on the attached item. You can be more confident about items that deal physical damage than defenses when controlling him.

His skill system helps him to control the lane very well. The ability to heal so fast and support from intrinsic makes this hero has remained immobile. In large team fights, he shows his ability by balancing the entire enemy team when building the necessary items.

Besides these two advantages, he also has the ability to farm very effectively. You can combine farming with skills or farming with basic attacks as you like. Because both options produce the same results. His attack speed and skill usage make it easy for players to get used to it. Soon you can catch the pace of the match with him. This is one of the advantages that players like most in this champion. Fast and accurate farming speed is not afraid of being cut in the game.

The disadvantages to note to master

If you’ve chosen this hero to fight in Dota 2 maps, then you also need to have your own tactics with Kunkka. Some weaknesses to note with this hero are:

The power of his skills is undeniable, too strong, and too dangerous. However, no one is perfect, even this hero. Owning his powerful skills also comes with his poor mana. It’s okay to engage in large team fights, but if you keep attacking for a long time, he will lack mana very seriously. This is the greatest weakness of this hero.

His skills have a large amount of damage, but these are all skill-oriented. Besides a wide range, spread damage, it is also difficult for you to aim for the right skill. If there are no special moves for your game, it is a bit difficult if you choose to play him.

Another weakness that this hero gives to him is often nerfed. This is understandable when you are inherently too strong and often create highlights. Without adjustments to power, it is difficult to predict what Kunkka can do. Especially when he has packed up and maxed the skills. This is an objective factor from the game maker. You can fix this by updating the nerf related to him.