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Invictus Gaming vs LZBS Prediction, Dota Pro Circuit 2021: Season 1

Invictus Gaming vs LZBS Prediction

Invictus Gaming vs LZBS prediction on March 04, 2021. With their impressive series, the team with the oldest tradition in China, Vici Gaming, has officially returned to the regional arena, which will also be a warning to the teams in different teams in another region of the world.

Invictus Gaming Overview

Invictus Gaming vs LZBS Prediction

The 2-1 victory over PSG.LGD in the last fifth match was Invictus Gaming’s 5th consecutive victory in the Upper Division group stage. Having a maximum of 15 points along with the leading position, Invictus Gaming is emerging as the best candidate for the ticket representing the China region to go straight to the qualifiers at the main Dota Pro tournament. Circuit.

As Invictus Gaming vs LZBS prediction, the next match with LZBS will also be an opportunity for Invictus Gaming to increase the gap with the second-placed team that has 12 points, Vici Gaming. Invictus Gaming has gained a lot of ratings from the matches played in the Upper Division, it is thanks to this score that Invictus Gaming has risen to 13th place on the world rankings.

LZBS Overview

Invictus Gaming vs LZBS Prediction

In stark contrast to their upcoming rival Invictus Gaming, what the LZBS team has earned so far is a round zero. Having failed in all 5 matches that played in the group stage, LZBS has proven experts’ judgment when judging them as the weakest team in the group stage is completely correct.

LZBS is also a good candidate for a relegation place to play in the Lower Division when Dota Pro Circuit kicked off the second stage of the game. Despite being ranked 33rd on the world rankings – 1 position has It can be said that it is quite high, but in the region with the most developed Dota in the world like China, LZBS can still be considered a weak team.

Invictus Gaming vs LZBS prediction

Invictus Gaming vs LZBS Prediction

The aforementioned analysis has made it easier for us to choose the stronger team in this matchup. Invictus Gaming is on the rise, it won’t take too much effort to get 3 points after the end of the match. With the sixth consecutive defeat, LZBS will also officially become the first team to be relegated and play in the Lower Division when the 2nd phase of Dota Pro Circuit begins on April 12. As Invictus Gaming vs LZBS prediction experts thinks the final result will be 2-0 in favor of Invictus Gaming.

Invictus Gaming vs LZBS result prediction

Total score

  • Game 1: Invictus Gaming wins
  • Game 2: Invictus Gaming wins
  • Total score 2-0

Total kill points

  • Game 1: Invictus Gaming 17-4 LZBS
  • Game 2: Invictus Gaming 21-9 LZBS

First blood

  • Game 1: Invictus Gaming
  • Game 2: Invictus Gaming


  • Invictus Gaming: flyfly, Emo, JT-, kaka, Oli
  • LZBS: MS, EX, Irving, xiaofu, CatYou

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