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Invictus Gaming vs Team MagMa prediction – Dota Pro Circuit China

Invictus Gaming vs Team MagMa prediction

Invictus Gaming vs Team MagMa prediction

Invictus Gaming vs Team MagMa prediction on Jan 8, 2020. Meet at Dota Pro Circuit 2021: Season 1 – China, both Invictus Gaming and Team MagMa are desperate to show their strength to be able to win tickets instead of having to move to the losing bracket with lots of hardship. challenge. The two sides in the past have met each other twice and each side has won one of them.

Invictus Gaming overview

At this moment, Invictus Gaming is the one who is judged by the dealer in the upper position thanks to a somewhat more stable performance than the opponent. In addition, Invictus Gaming is also a well-known team in the past and has a lot of experience playing Dota over the years, which will help them not be too shy about Team MagMa despite the current lack of high form and below competitors on the world rankings

Team MagMa overview

In the opposite direction, even though Team MagMa only won 2 out of the last 8 matches, this team is currently ranked 46th compared to the number 53 of Invictus Gaming. Underestimated in terms of experience, but do not know which cats bite because Invictus Gaming is no longer a power in the Chinese region with only 15th place in the country. Because of that, although not highly appreciated by the dealer, Invictus Gaming vs Team MagMa prediction experts believe that Team MagMa can completely surprise, even a victory against Invictus Gaming in the next Bo3.

Invictus Gaming vs Team MagMa prediction

The early game period will certainly be extremely stressful but lacks the fighting factor as the Chinese are always known for their specialty farm pushing monsters to increase their strength and level as soon as possible.

When there is a certain amount of equipment and exploration of the opponent by exchanging moves in the road area, the two sides will actively establish fights to seek advantage instead of focusing too much on farming money. like the time before.

Invictus Gaming was the first to initiate and they will also get their first kill by calling for the better person in teamfights. However, this advantage will not last long because Team MagMa is not medium and they will take full advantage of Invictus Gaming’s loopholes to capture them thoroughly, thereby balancing the kills the next time.

The tense stance where both of them play for tit-for-tat leads to the game becoming as tense as the strings because just one mistake can cost either of them a failure. Team MagMa is really outstanding until now, although it was difficult at first when Invictus Gaming played more actively.

But the wind was reversed by MagMa’s champion, the members of this team are usually quite strong with late-game champions and their map control is also very wide enough to set up fights. win just before Roshan appeared.

Due to Invictus Gaming vs Team MagMa prediction, the Over bet will definitely break out when after the initial time both sides work hard to level up. They will go into fights whenever possible in the middle and late game. Invictus Gaming’s 1.5-game handicap is extremely difficult when the performance of this team is not much better than Team MagMa.

Line-up – Invictus Gaming vs Team MagMa prediction

  • Invictus Gaming: flyfly,  Emo,  JT-,  kaka,  Oli
  • Team MagMa: k,  zc,  Tzy,  mianmian,  KazZ