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Iratus: Lord Of The Dead Guide – Tips For Beginners

Iratus: Lord Of The Dead

Iratus: Lord Of The Dead

When it comes to concept, the idea of ​​conquering the underworld as a newly awakened immortal caster sounds pretty easy. Don’t be fooled; It takes a lot of strategies if you’re going to get through everything the celebrities have to throw at you. If you’re having a hard time fighting to emerge in Iratus: The Lord of the Dead, you’ve come to the right place – we’re the pros, and with the tips and tricks in Iratus: Lord Of The Dead, you can also carve a path through life to fulfill your destiny.

Do Not Double-up On Minion Types

Our first tip and trick in Iratus: Lord of the Dead is one of the important tips and tricks, but not the obvious one. There was a big temptation, in the beginning, to build a team entirely out of tanks and heavy soldiers – a team of skeletons and knights. 

Iratus: Lord Of The Dead

There are lots of reasons why this wouldn’t work, but the biggest one is location. Each unit is carefully built around being most effective in one or two locations, with a few of them being nearly useless in specific locations. Each troop type specializes around two or three roles, which leaves a lot of potential for tweaking, but if you only double down on certain units, you’ll lock out your squad for a while. massively.

My current mid-game teams look like this: Vampire-Head Hunter-Dark Knight-Skeleton; Bride of Iratus-Mummy-Wraith-Zombie; Vampire-Bride of Iratus-Head Hunter-Zombie. I also have a team that I’m training to replace if I lose units, including Vampires, Dhampire, Dark Knight, and Zombie.

Don’t Forget Magic – Iratus: Lord Of The Dead

Spells in Iratus: Lord of the Dead exist outside of the normal turn structure, instead of allowing you to cast spells once per round. Never underestimate this. Even if you simply use it to move your units to a location (which you already have from scratch), there’s no reason for the chance to cast a spell to pass. Against certain bosses and enemies, the extra damage a spell deals can completely change the battle – and that’s before we get to the all-important blood curse spell, which gives You a vampire minion if the enemy runs away.

Focus On One Type Of Damage

Iratus: Lord Of The Dead

There is a temptation to try and inflict damage to both sanity and vitality by giving your team a makeover. It’s a natural solution to the fact that each minion type fights with at least two of the three damage types (yes – magic is technically a form of damage, even if it deals physical damage). What’s more important, however, is building your squad around a single damage type, optimizing them based on their starting position.

Units like Vampire and Head Hunter specialize in life damage no matter what role they’re in. Both have moves that can damage enemies regardless of their location.

Keep Graveyard Full – Iratus: Lord Of The Dead

Iratus: Lord Of The Dead

A fundamental part of a successful playbook is unlocking new parts of the graveyard as soon as you can. The eight buildings that exist there offer a variety of benefits allowing you a bit of space to be flexible in your overall plan. Buildings like the Library and Abode of Wrath allow you to cast spells and special attacks more often, while the Gymnasium and Morgue are important in capturing as many minions the more efficient the better.

With the full Arena and Morgue, you can also have up to 24 pieces instead of the original 16 – something invaluable as you get to the difficulty levels of bosses and new floors.