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Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3: Iron Fist Moves, Strategy Guide

Iron Fist

Iron Fist

Trained in martial arts while in the city of K’Un-Lun, Rand won the Fu-Hsi Crown at the age of sixteen. He was then sent on a mission to obtain the Power of Iron Fist by defeating the dragon Shou-Lao. After defeating the dragon, Rand’s hand is stabbed into Shou-Lao’s molten heart, which gives him nearly mystical strength and earned the title of “Iron Fist“. Later, he joined Luke Cage to form the Heroes Team for Hire.

Iron Fist Gameplay

Iron Fist

He is one of the fastest characters in which he excels even in his basic tactics. He is considered a Rekka-Ken character due to the way he can easily sequence his special moves. He’s also one of the few characters to lack bullet attacks, meaning your primary goal with him is primarily to plunge down your opponents. His super moves are great because you can crush them for extra damage and can be used as a finishing blow for his combos.

Special Moves

Quick Kick

Iron Fist performs a kick on his opponent, can also be canceled and jumps very well in combo moves

Dual Palm

He attacks the opponent with the palm also neutralizes the incoming projectile. This aura-hit enemy hit inflicts a light kill.

Lotus Whip

He performs a quick back-punch at his opponent, causing a small blow-back. This move can be easily chained with Dragon’s Touch

Dragon’s Touch

Perform a single punch at the opponent causing them to fall into a state of shattering or be knocked out against the enemy with air. This can be easily linked with the Surging Fist

Surging Fist

He pushes his opponent and performs an attack with his palm as the opponent leaps forward and in a strong knockdown.

Wall of K’un Lun

Perform a shoulder press to fling your opponent forward and causing a wall blow. The move was his end after a second chained special attack

Dragon Tail

Performs a low-hit kick that stuns the opponent. Can easily be chained to the Sickle Heel inside the combo.

Crescent Heel

He does an arc kick at an opponent who also hits an OTG. This move can be easily linked to the Twin Snakes special move

Twin Snakes

Perform a double kick at your opponent to lift them up a bit.

Rising Fang

The Iron Fist charge in the air to send an opponent flying and cause a wallbounce effect. This movement also neutralizes ballistic attacks. The move was his end after a second chained special attack.

Chi Charge

His special power-up technique. The strength of the button used determines the type of tank he will receive. The light attack increases his attack/damage while the medium attack increases his defense and the hard button increases his super meter increase.

Iron Fist Hyper Combos

Iron Fist

Iron Rage

He lunges at his opponent while unleashing a series of punches that appear in yellow energy bands and cause a wall at the end. This super product can easily become the finisher in basic grounding combos or the special ability OTG to hit the Sickle Heel.

Volcanic Roar

He releases a large amount of Dragon-forming Chi energy that surrounds his body and the vicinity around him. This super disables projectile trajectories and is also great in combo attacks.

Dragon’s Prey

Iron Fist concentrates and accumulates his Chi energy. When he takes a stance, energy spins around his body before sending a powerful punch at the opponent. This super move deals 400,000 damage unchanged and is his most powerful super move.