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Introducing the Focus Item Blink Dagger Dota 2

Blink Dagger

Blink Dagger

Possessing a good offensive ability is not enough, players still need to have agility when playing games. This agility can involve skills as well as understanding the items in the game. Blink Dagger Dota 2 is a prime example of a product of speed. It helps you master many different situations on the battlefield.

Blink of Death Blink Dagger Dota 2

Blink Dagger

Blink Dagger can help you teleport to a designated target within 1200 units. Relatively far away for many of the other teleport skills of Dota 2 heroes.

This item will not be activated and will be disabled when the player takes damage from an enemy or Roshan. The time to be deactivated is 3 seconds after the damage state is over.

  • The Cast Range of this item is Global.
  • The maximum range of use is 1200 units.
  • Cooldown after each use is 3 seconds, quite fast if used for high-speed battles.
  • Penalty distance for misalignment 960 units.

Notable details:

Blink Dagger

If you double click on this item, you will be immediately returned to the fountain where you revived, of course, the fountain of the home team.

This item should not be used for maximum travel distances when the destination is closer to 1200 units.

When you choose to teleport to targets that are farther than 1200 units away, you will be teleported to the same target direction but at a distance of 960 units. You should be careful because if done wrong the way you can accidentally jump in the middle of the enemy team there.

When using Blink Dagger there will emit two different sounds. The first sound is when you activate the item. The second sound is when you move a distance farther than 960 units. That is when you successfully teleport at a maximum of 1200 units of movement.

This effect disables this item for damage caused by HP Removal.

Besides, this item is also not affected by Octarine Core or Arcane Rune. A pretty good advantage for melee combat in the game.

Cooldown of this item will run continuously even though it is no longer in your luggage. Not yet purchased or not in active state. A quite attractive point when you enter the minutes of the late game.

Tips for using Blink Dagger Dota 2 items

A fairly simple item but provides very good offensive and defensive effects. Follow these tips to effectively use this awesome Item:

This item requires the player attempting to activate Blink Dagger to face the direction they wish to teleport. This means that the direction they are facing must be in the same direction as the destination they want to move. The speed of rotation is dependent on the different Hero objects.

Radiance is an item that helps restore the cooldown of other items. However, its effect is blocked on it. This is understandable because if the recovery is too fast, the player can move arbitrarily in the game. It is detrimental to the majority of other players in the match.

This item can also help the owner to avoid good control skills such as Storm Hammer or Spirit Lance. Besides, it also avoids effects from items of Rod of Atos. Quite good for a small blue dagger, isn’t it.

Some interesting secrets

  • When it was first released, Blink Dagger was called Kelen’s Dagger, which was originally a relatively little used item in Warcraft 3, it was Dagger of Escape, a famous game knife of Kelen.
  • Kelen is a famous thief, a professional crook well known in Warcraft. He is best known for his ability to flee and appear and can disappear in any situation with the help of the game knife Dagger of Escape.
  • Riki and Lion are the only heroes who cannot use this dagger.