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Heroes of the Storm: Jaina Talent Build Guide


Jaina is a combo-oriented long-range damage killer with crowd control and outstanding wide-area damage. In line with her Frost Mage theme, Her Abilities also Slow everything they hit. However, her reliance on delayed skills and abilities, coupled with her relative fragility, made her one of the toughest Heroes, let alone mastery.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Jaina



  • Excellent waveclear
  • Outstanding burst damage
  • All Skills have a strong Slow effect on hit


  • Limited mobility
  • Very fragile, especially with melee Assassins
  • Difficult to play because all Skills have some form of fighting
  • Long cooldowns need to be managed with care

Talent Build of Jaina

Frostbolt Build

Fingers of Frost (lv1), Frost Shards (lv4) – Frost Armor, Ice Lance (lv7), Summon Water Elemental (lv10) – Ring of Frost, Icy Veins (lv13) – storm Font – Ice Barrier, Numbing Blast (lv16) – Snowstorm – Northern Exposure, Wintermute, Ice Blink (lv20).

The Frostbolt build seeks to improve her sustained damage through a number of Frostbolt-related Talents. Fingers of Frost provides much needed Mana and some damage; Frost Shards make Frostbolt harder to block and have the ability to double its damage; Ice Lance under the scenario of Frostbolt cooldown halving, especially when combined with Icy Veins; Summon Water Elemental provides a reliable way to keep a target Cooled through Frostbite.

Synergies and Counters

Synergizes with:

Since Jaina relies a lot on skill shots to deal damage, she naturally works well with any Hero that can provide reliable crowd control against target kills her to watched. Her weakness also makes her depend on other Heroes to take her off; Tanks tend to fulfill these two needs, although other Hero types may as well.

Countered by:

Since Jaina relies heavily on shooting skills and Delayed Skills to deal damage, she is particularly inferior to Heroes who quickly dodge her Skills. What’s more, her weakness and lack of confidence make her vulnerable to Theft or the Agile Heroes with high damage can quickly approach her.

Maps of Jaina

Her awesome wave generator makes her particularly effective on the Map where the Target requires a quick kill of some small enemies or places where quick spin is expected. She also becomes quite adept at declaring the Mercenary Camps as well as before as a Level 7 Hero. She tends to be weaker on the Map where she might need to be isolated, though she should probably never be left without allies, due to her dependence on separation.

Tips and Tricks

  • Use your Skills together to maximize Frostbite’s damage.
  • Root or slow an enemy before using Snowstorm and Ring of Frost. Allied crowd control is also helpful.
  • Use Blizzard very effectively to destroy or order the Mercenary Camps.

Role in the Current Meta

While her sustained damage might be slightly lower than that of other Assassins, her constant damage ability definitely makes up for it. This enormous amount of explosive damage allows Jaina to deal heavy damage or completely destroy out-of-position targets, something her opponents won’t be able to do. Also, nearly all of her damage is the area of ​​effect, allowing her to punish heavily enemy teams that gather tightly together.

Unlike other Continuous Damage Heroes, who are very weak early in the game, have no waves, or can only damage one target, her ample continuous damage doesn’t do to weaken her other parts. Her only real weakness lies in her very low mobility and reliance on her ability to choose a good position.