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Guilty Gear XRD REV 2: Jam Kuradoberi Special Moves, Instant Kill

Jam Kuradoberi

The kung-fu master chef with terrible luck involves her restaurant – Jam Kuradoberi hunts dragons for ingredients and people for money. As a rare KI user, she is one of the more powerful in the GG universe and fights with her adept martial arts instead of a weapon.

Jam Kuradoberi Playstyle

Jam Kuradoberi

Jam Kuradoberi is capable of powerful and effective dashes, able to get momentum running past opponents.


  • Normals are very fast: Boasting a 3-frame hit, a normal 6-frame, and a 5-frame scan plus several other quick buttons that exist as powerful jabs with short recovery times.
  • Cellular: Jam has one of the fastest running speeds and the fastest IAD in the game, allowing her to outperform her actress.
  • High Damage and Corner Turns: Special moves crafted for kills and her special moves can carry opponents from one angle to the next, exerting strong attack pressure on her. Her Super Bao Saishenshou can easily deal more than 60 extra damage at the end of even heavily ranked chains.


  • Stubby: Jam’s duel fighting style makes her out of range of many other boxers like Ky or Faust. It takes mobility and understanding of how to use all of Jam’s tools to get involved and begin planning her game.
  • Special Need for Large Combos: Jam’s no massive damage often relies on cards to ensure takedown and deal massive damage.
  • Character Characteristic Combinations: Jam’s 46PK combos are highly dependent on her opponent’s weight and blowbox, requiring quick adaptations to achieve her high damage.

Special Moves

  • Hochifu: Jam captures highs and mids in 1-8 frames. Jam cannot block low and cannot jump. Jam can cancel to other motion options and FD on frame 9. (Run, walk, run backwards, etc.)
  • Youeikyaku: It also serves when she walks on top of a can normally cancel the jump.
  • Bakushuu: A Dash, it has sequels (special note: it can be used as a watch-free way to avoid exploding during normal use on the ground as it is inherently low-profile and sufficient. recovery for self-punishment very well)
  • Asanagi no Kokyuu: A mechanic specializing in Jam Kuradoberi is required. Very dangerous when roughing because the recovery is huge.
  • Ryuujin: Bruce Lee special! A great matching tool, but the above version isn’t much more helpful.
  • Gekirin: Stand on high. Holds the momentum and is able to overtake, but is insecure and can react without a tag so it’s not as useful as the aerial version.
  • Kenroukaku: If you don’t have this carded, it is not a real DP and will trade if used.
  • Air Ryuujin: Helpful matching tool is not used, with the card it’s essentially a horizontal dragon punch. Has been drastically upgraded in 1.03 for the Air version that is truly invincible at launch until activated.
  • Air Gekirin: Air gekirin itself is primarily used as a filler/terminator, but has a neutral / pressure effect when used from airdash.
  • Air Kenroukaku: Usually used as a matching tool but a very powerful matching tool if you have a tag in this. Normally, this will throw Jam Kuradoberi upwards but if done during an airdash, it will block her momentum and she will fall, allowing a combo hit on target.

Jam Kuradoberi Instant Kill

Jam Kuradoberi


  • Indicate the right time for you, your opponent in Hellfire mode and you have 50% Stress
  • Activate IK mode: 62F [5F + 5F]
  • Use her Goushao animation.
  • The hitbox is good for the IK standards.

May be combined from Zekkei, Gekirin and Ryujin lvl 3.