August 4, 2021


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JD Gaming Add Two Faces to their Roster

JD Gaming

While 2020 may not have played as JD Gaming would have liked, the League of Legends team has had its best year to date. JD Gaming won in the spring, made the finals in the summer, and made it to the quarter-finals of the world. 

JD Gaming

The team remains ambitious, bringing together two well-known players to strengthen their roster for 2021. Without further ado, this is the JD Gaming roster.

Top Lane: Zoom

The forge God himself is going to return to the top lane in 2021. Whenever a conversation begins about the best top laner in the world, the name of Zoom will be mentioned at some point. 

With incredible performances on a variety of different champions, Zoom seems to blend into any meta or play style, making it a very flexible top laner.

2020 has been a good year for Zoom. Despite the number of new rising stars in the top lanes of the LPL, Zoom still continued to dominate the pack, helping his team win the spring, and landing on the All-Pro team in the summer.

Jungle: Kanavi – JD Gaming

As the star jungler of the LPL in 2020, it’s no surprise that Kanavi joins the team. Although he received quite an amount of criticism towards the end of 2020, there can be no doubting that he had a pretty incredible regular season.

Playing carry junglers before it was meta, Kanavi gained a reputation for himself in the spring, where he was the regular season of the MVP. In the summer, he would rise again to the top of the jungle, finishing on the number one All-Pro team.

Midlane: Xiye

Xiye joined JDG on the first of the two changes. It is worth noting that Yagao is still listed as a team player, so they may be allowed to share time. That said, Xiye played the Demacia Cup competitions, so it’s not clear what the situation will be in the middle lane.

In spite of that, Xiye’s joining JDG is big news. While Yagao is a great mid-laner, he’s always received in his champion’s pool because of his lack of depth. 

Xiye’s joining helps resolve this issue, as Xiye has a massive championship pool. Xiye is also considered to have a more aggressive playing style that suits their new bot laner and jungler.

Bot Lane Carry: Mystic – JD Gaming

The second change made by JDG was to return Mystic to the LPL and reunite him with Xiye. Mystic is back in the league after a year of playing in the LCK, where he found success for himself. Again, it is important to note that for JDG, Loken is still officially a player.

Mystic had a fine year, despite Afreeca having a quiet 2020. Mystic was the primary win condition of Afreeca with incredible performances on Aphelios and Miss Fortune. 

Reunited with Xiye, they’re still the duo in the LPL with the most games together to date. They’ll be looking to add more action to the JDG botside with matching playstyles.

Support: LvMao

Last but not least, support for JDG will again be supported by LvMao in 2021. Fans know LvMao as an aggressive player, who loves engaging heavy champions, as a very versatile support. 

JDG seems to be one of the more dangerous teams coming into 2021 with two fresh and aggressive players beside him.

LvMao had a successful 2020 season. In spring, he won the final MVP and kept up his good summer performance. His Worlds performance was unfortunately a bit lackluster for him, as he failed to keep up with Beryl and SwordArt, who were the tournament’s best supporters.

It is most likely that JDG will stay at the top of the table. A rematch of the spring and summer finals is entirely probable.