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JD Gaming vs Victory Five prediction – Demacia Cup 2020 Knockout Stage

JD Gaming vs Victory Five prediction

JD Gaming vs Victory Five prediction

JD Gaming vs Victory Five prediction on December 25, 2020. JD Gaming will still be a name that has received a lot of expectations from fans for the next season. In fact, while showing more or less a decline since the summer split, 2020 is still a hugely successful year for this team. With the presence of the Korean duo, jungler Kanavi, and LokeN, JD Gaming even crowned the Spring Split championship with overwhelming and convincing performances. They still retain completely this already very strong framework and will look forward to a bright future when the players’ chemistry can only increase after a long time.

JD Gaming vs Victory Five prediction

On the side of Victory Five, the name has real strength but does not belong to the ranks of the strongest teams in China at the moment. Their lineup is also a quite promising combination between experience and youth. In the last group stage, Victory Five excelled with a victory. However, as JD Gaming vs Victory Five prediction, Group C is also considered to be a pretty easy group.

Comparing the reputation as well as the achievements achieved this year, it is clear that Victory Five can hardly match the colleagues on the other side of the battle line. As mentioned, JD Gaming still retains all the players that brought them to the top of China, and with time they can only get better. Meanwhile, the current people of Victory Five hardly match the players in the opposite position individually. However, the head-to-head record in the past did not show much inferiority to this team. They defeated JD Gaming 1 time after 2 defeats with the score 0-2 before.

Result Prediction

Believe that JD Gaming’s style of play has not changed too much. The forest area will remain the place where the team’s greatest strength is gathered. Leading Kanavi had a good day, JD Gaming was able to control the game easily. Victory Five will have to be mentally prepared to play in a passive position for most of the bout. Anyway, they also have good materials to prolong the game and wait for the strength threshold.

JD Gaming vs Victory Five First Blood prediction

  • Game 1: JD Gaming
  • Game 2: JD Gaming
  • Game 3: JD Gaming
  • Game 4: Victory Five

Predict the team to earn 10 kills first

  • Game 1: JD Gaming
  • Game 2: JD Gaming
  • Game 3: Victory Five
  • Game 4: JD Gaming

If Victory Five accepts this play option, it is likely that fans will see quite a long game. Of course, they can completely succeed in 1 game, but it is difficult to win the whole match. Because of simplicity, the human factor has a clear difference that makes the game difficult to reverse. From these facts, judging the result of the match in favor of victory with a score of 3-1 for JD Gaming.

Predict played time: Game 1 and game 2 under 30 minutes each, game 3 and game 4 over 30 minutes per game.

  • Game 1: JD Gaming 15 – 7 Victory Five
  • Game 2: JD Gaming 12 – 5 Victory Five
  • Game 3: JD Gaming 15 – 19 Victory Five
  • Game 4: JD Gaming 16 – 12 Victory Five

The match score for JD Gaming vs Victory Five prediction: 3-1


  • JD Gaming: Zoom, Kanavi, Yagao, LokeN, LvMao
  • Victory Five: Langx, Weiwei, Mole, y4, ppgod