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Heroes of the Storm: Johanna Talent Build Guide


Johanna is a tank with low maneuverability, extremely resilient, and capable of Blind, Slow, Stun, and pull enemies. She excels at creating chaos and disruption in the middle of the opposing team for long periods of time while transforming her teammates. She is one of the few Heroes in the game that has no direct enemies and can match almost any team composition.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Johanna



  • Extremely resilient
  • Strong against Basic Attackers
  • Condemn Icon Condemn gives you one of the best waveclear abilities of any Tank in the game
  • The Law of Hope Icon The Law of Hope provides a great deal of the ability to restore and heal health
  • Iron Skin Icon Iron Skin absorbs a substantial amount of damage and gives you an unstoppable 4 seconds, preventing crowd control from affecting you


  • Very little burst damage
  • Low mobility and no gap-closer
  • Can be kited by most ranged Heroes

Talent Build of Johanna

Iron Skin Build

Hold Your Ground (lv1), Sins Exposed (lv4) – Eternal Retaliation – Conviction, Subdue (lv7), Blessed Shield (lv10), Roar (lv13), Fanaticism (lv16), Radiating Faith (lv20) – Indestructible – Blinded By the Light.

Her Iron Skin Build offers greater survivability under crowd control and explosive damage thanks to a synergy between Hold your foundation at Level 1 and Fanatical Level 16.

Shield Glare Build

Laws of Hope (lv1) – Reinforce – Hold Your Ground, Sins Exposed (lv4) – Eternal Retaliation – Conviction, Subdue (lv7), Blessed Shield (lv10), Roar (lv13), Holy Renewal (lv16) – Imposing Presence, Radiating Faith (lv20) – Indestructible – Blinded By the Light.

Her Shield Glare crafting gives you even greater survivability against damage caused by manipulation thanks to the Rule of Hope at Level 1 and the Holy Family’s Level 16.

If you’re not afraid of crowd control and/or burst damage, you can choose this Build to help your Healer maintain maximum Health on the Map where the Goals battle takes place in one period (remember Braxis Holdout and Dragon Shire) something really useful when you’re with an exploding Healer (such as Rehgar) and irrelevant when your team has a sustainable Healer (example like Malfurion) or have two Healers.

Synergies and Counters


Synergizes with:

She pairs extremely well with Heroes who can follow her slow but powerful fight with any kind of influence Ability to deal constant damage to enemy Heroes and/or to take control crowd.

Due to her weak teamfighting without the Hero Powers, Johanna benefits greatly from Heroes who can help her do so (such as Maiev).

Countered by:

Johanna is one of the few Heroes in the game that doesn’t have a natural counter. She cannot be attacked quickly by the Assassin, or the crowd controlled by Support or Tanks, due to Iron Skin. However, this doesn’t mean she’s overwhelmed or is always a good choice to have on your team. Instead, she gets counter-attacked by playing, such as ignoring her in teamfights or targeting her while Iron Skin is on cooldown.

She also lacks good mobility and does not have a close-range person, meaning she can be very effectively attached and have difficulty keeping up with allies capable of deep diving. The only current hero we consider to be a “counterweight” to Johanna is Varian due to his Level 13 Throwing talent, which allows him to destroy both her Iron Skin and Indestructible talent. Her Indestructible talent is at Level 20.