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John Wick Hex Guide – Tips And Tricks For Beginners

John Wick Hex 2

Any hired thug can shoot guns. The shotgun isn’t what makes John Wick the Baba Yaga. It’s cold, calculating, methodical decisions about how and when to fire a gun. John Wick is not a hammer. He is a scalpel. And in John Wick Hex, you’re the surgeon holding him. We’ve played a few hours of the game, and below we’ll walk you through what we’ve learned so you can jump right into Boogeyman and put bullets on the bad boys (der).

Isn’t An Action Game

John Wick Hex 2

In the John Wick movie, all you see is action. In this John Wick simulator, you are planning moves and choreographing the action. It’s not about blazing speed and movement. It’s about his methodical planning and decision-making.

Think of John Wick Hex as a board game. You are moving around. You are considering your next move and its consequences. Every action takes time, so you’re constantly pondering what you can do with how long it will take – and what your enemies might do to you while you’re occupied.

Timing Is Everything – John Wick Hex

john 1

There is a timeline at the top of the screen, the top part (or only if there are no enemies around) is John. When you’re considering your next option, the option you’re hovering over and the time it takes to do so shows up in John’s timeline. For example, moving a hex takes 0.4 seconds, and punching someone takes 1.5 seconds.

Most things require preparation – like aiming or rolling up to punch. It’s the gray-white bar. The action itself – punch or shoot – is the pink bar.

Interrupt Enemies – John Wick Hex

Most enemies (everyone but bosses) will be interrupted if you hit them with an attack before they hit you – and John tends to be faster than his enemies.

John Wick Hex 1

Attacks and Takedowns add an extra factor to your timing calculation, both stun your enemies for a period of time. This is indicated by a six-dotted circle icon and a diagonal slashed timeline. During that time, that enemy won’t act, and you can attack with a little more freedom, or turn your attention to someone else.

Parry is also useful for interrupting (and just interrupting) enemies you’re in Melee. It’s a fast strike, which means you can usually get it before an attack arrives, but it doesn’t deal any damage. Parry to interrupt (and prevent) attacks and reset the enemy timeline so you can attack first, but keep in mind that you won’t kill them with a parry.

Swap Weapons Often

John Wick Hex

At the beginning of every slot, John starts with his custom shotgun, 15 bullets, and adds a clip (adds 15 bullets once you reload). There is no additional ammo to receive, so you will have no choice but to trade it in for another weapon.

Every other gun you carry carries a weapon that you pick up from slain enemies. When you kill someone, they drop whatever weapon they’re holding (more on this below) in an adjacent hex. When you stand in that hex, you are able to pick up that weapon.

The number of snapshots of each weapon appears next to the weapon’s icon. Basically in John Wick Hex, think of this as reloading – you’re swapping weapons instead.