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Guilty Gear XRD REV 2: Johnny Special Moves, Instant Kill


A charming, cool man and captain of the Jellyfish Pirates, Johnny is back in Revelator. He is an iaido-style swordsman who completely dominates the neutral and attacking game thanks to his famous Mist Finer (214P / K / S). His jabs are among the best in the entire game when using his Mist Stance cancel (H to get out of pose), this can also be done faster by landed some of the 8 coins he started each match.

Johnny Playstyle


Johnny is an iaido-style swordsman who completely dominates the game of neutrality and attacks thanks to his famous Mist Finer.

Special Moves

  • Glitter is Gold: Glitter is Gold, AKA Coin, which is a great move at almost every moment in the game, and also serves as a necessary combination. Landing a coin powers his Mist Finer, greatly increasing his combination potential and attack power. Therefore, when at Level 1 of the Mist Finer, it is extremely important to defeat a Coin or combine it into a Coin.
  • Bacchus Sigh: Bacchus Sigh, AKA Mist, is used to create his famous unstoppable setups. Because Bacchus Sigh starts up extremely slowly, it is generally necessary to secure application. j.H, 2D, and Zweihander are the main tools for taking down the difficulty.
  • Mist Stance: Johnny can use Mist Stance and immediately Mist Stance Cancel (AKA Mist Cancel) to greatly reduce the recovery of his normal stats. This often gives him an edge in the frame and is essential for his attacking game. Refer to the Mist Removal section for details. Entering Mist Stance in a neutral position can also be a useful tactic, combined with the use of Mist Step, to punish an opponent’s reckless approach, especially towards the characters he wants away.
  • Zweihander: Often used in conjunction with the YRC to approach an opponent or to increase pressure. If the uptrend is canceled, can continue blocking with airdash or lower down for a safe high / low combination. Can also be used when the opponent awakens to cover multiple options and pressure safety.
  • Air Zweihander: Air Zweihander is his best anti-air. When YRC’d, let Johnny mix after that. Good use of the Air Zweihander forces the opponent to think carefully about how to deal with him in the air.

Johnny Instant Kill

  • Indicate the right time for you, your opponent in Hellfire mode and you have 50% Stress
  • Activate IK mode: 84F [5F + 5F]

This iK is very good. Seriously, very well. Although due to slow start-up (25F), it doesn’t connect after coarse dust. However, it does use his 5H animation, which has a huge range that could cover half of the screen! Additionally, this IK can combine after Mist Finer when at Lv2 or Lv3, and even the Air Mist Finer can function! The only drawback is that if you do not enter clean input, the coin (236H) will appear and you could lose the round instead.

You can combine into IK without Roman Cancel after hitting Lv2 on the ground Mid Mist Finer or Lv3 Mid Mist Finer. Using Roman destruction, IK can be combined into any Lv2 or Lv3 Mist Finer.