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Journey to the Savage Planet Guide – Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Journey to the Savage Planet

In our Beginner’s Guide of Journey to the Savage Planet, we’ll get you started with this space chicken slap game. It’s a light and simple game, but there’s still a lot to learn for new players. In this guide, we will share some tips to get started like understanding your compass, gaining more health and stamina, dodging attacks, and more.

Hud Compass Markers – Journey to the Savage Planet

Journey to the Savage Planet 2

Only some icons show up on your HUD and compass, but it’s confusing at first. To avoid confusion for you, here is what they mean:

  • Orange K. Stylized orange K (for Kindred Aerospace) – it looks like a track back button from a media player – on your compass pointing back to your ship.
  • Golden kite. The yellow kite icon shows the next waypoint for any of your active missions.
  • Purple kite. The purple kite icon shows any side quests you already have.
  • Gift box. If you take any resources with you when you die, you’ll get a gift box icon on the compass (you’ll also get your Resource Gathering Side Quest) to lead you back to the loot.

You can change the quests or side quests you’re tracking in your Diary.

Find Orange Goo

Journey to the Savage Planet 1

Eating Orange Goo is how you will boost your health and stamina (for longer runs) in Journey to the Savage Planet.

Especially in the early game, look for tall grass. Shoot or slap it, and you’ll often find that it’s hiding that tasty treat. It’s a great way to find enough goo for your first health boosts – and perhaps more importantly, your stamina, so you can run longer and explore faster.

Science Experiment Missions – Journey to the Savage Planet

The first few upgrades to your suit and pistol are part of the tutorial – you’ll get them automatically. Not long into the game, the upgrades will become something you have to monitor yourself. Every upgrade is worth it. You’ll get extra ammo, extra jet packs, new throws, and a new scanner for your visor.

To unlock the second (and subsequent) upgrades, you need to complete the Science Experiment quests. These are technically side quests, but don’t take them as optional – the upgrades you unlock are all but essential. For the first set, you’ll have to do things like kick Pufferbirds and shoot them from the air, while also surviving a 50-meter drop using your jet pack.

Each Science Experiment set (three total) unlocks additional upgrades.

Find Secrets Everywhere

Journey to the Savage Planet

Journey to the Savage Planet is great for telling you where to go, but don’t sprint through the world on your way to your next waypoint, you will miss a lot of secrets.

Across every region, resources and upgrade materials are destroyed in hard-to-reach (or at least inconspicuous) places. You can’t get everything at once, but you should explore a bit to find something just off the main road.

Whenever you see a ledge, grapple point, or even just a path leading off a critical line, check it out. Gathering more resources – especially Alien Alloys – means faster upgrades. And any Orange Goo you find will boost your health and stamina, making it easier to explore.

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