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A series of jungle positions emerged at Korean Challenges 10.13



In the 10.13 update, while there are many downplaying champions like Nocturne, Nunu, Vi, there are also many stronger champions. Typically at Korean Challenges, a series of old jungle positions are being brought back because they are buffed quite a lot by Riot Games.

Nocturne – jungle positions

Previously, Nocturne was inherently clear jungle positions when he had Tiamat. But in version 10.13, Nocturne will still clear the jungle faster. Because the blade’s passive will also reduce the cooldown by 2 seconds. This helps Nocturne clear the jungle faster and costs a lot less health, to level 6 faster, can spend more time ganking.

For Nocturne, ganking is quite simple, just run around behind the enemy. Then launching a Q to approach faster and press E directly on the enemy. If you do not want to be held back by the panic effect, your prey will often have flash. Nocturne can use flash to get them or just retreat to find another opportunity.

In the later stages of the match, Nocturne can support teammates to push or catch a single target. He can also participate in team fights rushing into the main enemy team. With the R + E + W combo, very few targets can escape the pursuit of Nocturne. Then the teammates can support Nocturne to finish off the trapped prey simply.


Nunu is the most buffed jungler champion in 10.13. Only his Q skill increased damage (from 50% AP to 65% AP) and increased healing (from 70% AP to 90% AP) is helping Nunu to gank as well as clearing jungle much faster. Not to mention the ultimate Ice Frost now also shields with % bonus health and 150% AP. Turning Nunu into an extremely solid “tower” in combat.

When going to gank, Nunu’s gameplay is not complicated, just “steer” to hit W. When knocked up or approaching the target, constantly slowing and rooting with E, killing with Q.

In 10.13, with help from Riot Games, Nunu can also be on Mejai’s Ghost Book,. Because AP has a lot to do with Nunu’s stamina. Once you have a few resistance items, this champion can fully engage with W, rushing to the enemy team, and standing in the end. It is difficult for Nunu to be finished in a flash.

Jungle positions- Vi

Not much buff like the two generals above, but Vi is still very good at Korean players. Basically, the first phase of the jungle is still very familiar with the skill increased by W> E then max Q. As for equipment, Vi will go straight to Trinity Force after completing the Warrior jungler. This helps Vi has a tremendous amount of damage in the middle of the game. When ganking, Vi’s usual combo will be Q + A + E combined with Smite. Then ‘hit and run’ continuously to take advantage of the super-jewel of Sword Rain.

From the mid to late game, Vi can go to push, catch a single target with 1-2 allies, or team fight. Because Vi’s skills are diverse from wide-area control, wide-area damage, single target damage to armor penetration. She can meet many tactics that the team needs.