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Heroes of the Storm: Junkrat Talent Build Guide


Junkrat is a long-range assassin from the Overwatch universe who can do massive amounts of sustained or continuous damage from a safe distance. The AoE aspect of both the Frag Launcher Icon Frag Launcher and his Basic Attacks both give him massive wave damage and team damage. None of his skills use Mana, giving him incredible lane retention and high teamfights when challenging targets or disputed areas.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Junkrat



Does not use Mana, can be maintained indefinitely when unanswered by the opponent

The terrible long range that can reach targets behind impassable terrain.

You can reposition your enemies and yourself using the Concussion Mine

Scales well into late-game.

Great waves through Frag Launcher and AoE components

Basic Attacks

Moderate siege potential.

The very high skill ceiling


Incredibly susceptible to dive and enemy crowd-control

All abilities are skillshots which can be difficult to land successfully

Bad Concussion Mine can result in an enemy surviving or an ally missing a critical skillshot.

Very squishy with no means of self-sustain

Requires close attention to proper positioning

Talent Build of Junkrat

Concussion Mine Build

The Concussion Mine works well with an organized team due to its teleportation power. We prioritize getting all the talents to reduce the cooldown to allow Junkrat to always have a Shock Mines on the occasion. Talents like Bogged Down and BOOM POW reward him a lot for hitting an enemy champion with a mine, activating Blow ‘Em Up! and slows a teleported enemy champion, effectively leading to kills.

Frag Launcher Build

The Frag Launcher build emphasizes his massive damage from afar. Tricky Shuffles helps Junkrat connect his grenades with valuable targets deep in the backline and scout the hidden enemy Heroes. Taste For Explosions scales the damage of his Frag Launcher and makes him even more powerful towards the end of the game.

Endless Nades allows him to deal more reliably continuous damage during critical transactions or deadlines and will help accumulate Taste stacks for Blast more quickly. Both Tricky Shuffles 0 and Ripper Air provided him with a highly acclaimed murder tool and a means of transforming itself when being pigeoned by the opposing team. A well placed RIP-tire can be the difference between losing and winning teamfights.

Steel Trap Build

How to build a Steel Trap works well against an enemy team consisting of assassins like Genji or Zeratul. Once you have the talent Gotta Trap ‘Em All! With the Gotta Trap ‘Em All! Icon, you will be able to set up a perimeter around yourself, save yourself from the assassins of your subversive enemies, and then proceed to punish them for it. You’ll still want to use RIP-Tire and Cannonball! in levels 10 and 20 to hit a trapped enemy hero.

Synergies and Counters


Synergizes with:

His low health and strength require him to hide behind a powerful front line that can distract the enemy Heroes during combat. Tanks and assassins with dependable crowd control can help Junkrat set up kills, or assist him in stripping if he gets concentrated by the opposing team. The support that can give him the ability to heal or reduce damage in the form of a shield or magic is required since he doesn’t have a self-sustaining resource for his entire item.

Countered by:

Junkrat is defended against by highly mobile Heroes who can easily dive him in the backline. Beyond Concussion Mine he does not have an immediate source of dissection, so he is especially susceptible to Heroes who may stick to him in some form of closer distance. The fact that all of his skills are shooting skills also makes countering highly mobile enemy Heroes especially difficult.