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Just Cause 3 Guide – Tips And Tricks For New Players

Just Cause 3

Just Cause 3

Just Cause 3 is out now and, like its two predecessors, is a spacious open sandbox rife with carnage-filled adventure, and also a bit of a blowout. Ok, there are actually quite a few things that blow up. Okay, so it’s mostly blowing things up.

Master The Wingsuit

Just Cause 3

The main highlight of Just Cause 3 is the suit – a physics-defying upgrade to your parachute that you earn almost immediately after starting the game for the first time. The suit was ridiculous – an obvious prototype that was easily pinned to a jacket by one of your curator and then suddenly fully functional. Video games!

Other than that, it’s really brilliant, allowing you to fly and glide over the towns, forests, facilities, and mountain ranges of some of the Medici’s islands. You can seamlessly switch between parachutes and suits, connect to landscapes and vehicles alike, chain moves together to keep you afloat for as long as you can master.

However, it’s hard to get started and you have to learn the different signs that you’re about to hit a road, hillside, ocean, or a human. Medici has many different suit challenges dotted around the islands and this is a great way to both practice using it and earn Gears, unlocking various upgrades, but you should also just use it as your primary travel device.

Complete Side Missions – Just Cause 3

In addition to taking down the Medici strangling mode by doing tons of main quests, there are dozens of side activities to take part in. As you complete races, master suite challenges, liberate bases, towns, airports, and more, you’ll earn Gears to unlock specific upgrades to your weapons, Your driving skills, your ability to dress, etc. Given the amount of work to be done in Medici, you should definitely skip these.

Free the towns by taking out the prerequisite satellite dishes, loudspeakers, billboards, police stations, and more. to free more islands and increase your abilities. The game sometimes forces you to complete them by locking down main quests until you clear certain settlements but keep going and you’ll have a lot more fun with them all. Just Cause 3‘s various upgradable abilities.

Experiment With Tether

Just Cause 3

Your grapple hook doubles as a super fun, super dumb connector that you can use to tie objects in the world together, then pull them towards each other for results. destroy. You get multiple lanyards to attach around as you complete sideline activities, increasing the maximum tension and strength of the lanyard as you add them to any object.

Shoot a barrel of dynamite at a helicopter, pull two cars in opposite directions, ripping off guard posts, tear giant fuel tanks together to blow up an entire complex. We spent an embarrassing amount of time tying NPCs to trees, or to each other, or to cars, just to see how they reacted.

The Rebel Drops – Just Cause 3

Just Cause 3

As you help the Medici people cross parts of the island, you’ll recruit new allies willing to return their support. Together with your brother Mario, the rebels will be called upon to drop guns, bazookas, cars, planes, helicopters, and more to you on the island, wherever you are. Providing you with a signal grenade to call for assistance, rebel falling bullets are extremely useful – and sometimes a lifesaver.

If you need dynamite to take down a particularly difficult satellite dish, call in the rebels. Stuck in the middle of nowhere and need a means of transportation? Call for rebels. Be warned, though: there’s a cooldown on each drop, so make sure you’ve selected everything you need before disabling that beacon.