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K23 vs Dynamo Eclot Prediction – ESEA Season 38 – 09/25

K23 vs Dynamo Eclot Prediction

K23 vs Dynamo Eclot Prediction

K23 vs Dynamo Eclot prediction on September 25, 2021. Going down to the losing bracket in ESEA Season 38: Premier Division – EU was indeed a big surprise for K23’s fans. They were previously highly appreciated for being able to go to the finals without facing too many difficulties.

K23 Overview

A weak 0-2 loss to Cowana forced K23 to have no choice but to defeat Dynamo Eclot if they didn’t want to stop too early in the round of 16. On the opposite side, Dynamo Eclot also lost to NLG with the same score and is in danger of being eliminated in this tournament. After all, K23 is a strong team in the tournament even with the best numbers in the world, so if you don’t play carefully, Dynamo Eclot will soon receive a heavy defeat against K23.

Dynamo Eclot Overview

Comparing the experience and skills of the members, it is clear that Dynamo Eclot can hardly match K23. Even at the current match win rate, Mirage (80%), Vertigo (67%) are the places where Dynamo Eclot can be most confident in the upcoming match, K23 also has Mirage (62%) for a fair confrontation.

K23 vs Dynamo Eclot Prediction

Never met before, but perhaps everything was soon arranged because K23 with their superior level and strength completely mastered the match without facing any difficulties. Unless they’re underpowered, the rest of them and their teammates know what they need to do to not cause great disappointment to the fans and themselves after the bo3 comes here.

The 28th place in the world according to the hltv chart compared to the number 149 of Dynamo Eclot is clearly heaven and earth. K23’s performance is also much better than Dynamo Eclot’s despite having lost in the last 2 matches.

The rest of the K23 maps are completely superior, saying that to see that they will definitely get a very comfortable ban/pick, and just ban Vertigo. It will be difficult for Dynamo Eclot to win to create a surprise. Even if it’s just a game won against K23. 

K23’s win rate is not high on maps, but it should be remembered that they face much tougher opponents than what Dynamo Eclot experienced. Therefore, round pistols or the 5th mark are in the control of K23, respectively. Everything will be snowballed by them early and completely in control from the full buy after the pistols round. 

Dynamo Eclot probably left some mark in the following rounds, but that wasn’t enough for them to surprise them with such a strong K23. Of course, K23 can also happen the same way they lost to cowana just now. But this is the last chance for K23 so they will save little by little. Thereby getting themselves a safe position with the score. 2-0 to secure his next ticket against Dynamo Eclot.

K23 vs Dynamo Eclot Bet Prediction

K23 vs Dynamo Eclot total score prediction: 2 – 0

First 5 rounds:

  • Game 1: K23 
  • Game 2: K23

Total rounds:

  • Game 1: K23 16 – 11 Dynamo Eclot (Choose K23 – Over)
  • Game 2: K23 16 – 7 Dynamo Eclot (Choose K23 – Under)


K23: AdreN, n0rb3r7,mou, neaLaN, fame

Dynamo Eclot: Valencio, capseN, ZED, K1-FiDa, noobiq