April 23, 2021


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Kadita Mobile Legends New Season: Build Up, Emblems



Mobile Legends’ Kadita is the Goddess of the Ocean, a powerful mage who plunges into battle by using her aquatic skills and taking down high-priority enemies quickly.

Skills of Kadita


Passive: Thalassophobia

Every 30 seconds, Kadita receives a Blessing from the Might of the Ocean. For 4 seconds after taking damage, she regenerates 65% of the lost HP of the skill’s duration.

Skill 1: Ocean Oddity

She becomes a mermaid and summons waves. She then rides a wave that moves forward and back to her original position, dealing 265/310/355/400/445/490 (+ 100% Magic Power) magic damage each time and slowing. The enemy goes 30%.

When she attacks an enemy with the first and second waves of this ability, she can deal a total of 510/600/690/780/870 / 960 (+ 190% Magic Power) magic damage.

Recast: She was immediately turned off.

She gains Crowd Control immunity and reduces her damage by 70% while in waves.

This skill bypasses obstacles and is able to cross terrain.

Kadita can use Breath of the Ocean and Rough Waves while this skill is active, but she immediately leaves the wave and uses the specified skill.

Skill 2: Breath of the Ocean

She summons a sea wave to mark a designated area and after a while, the wave rises off the ground causing 350/380/410/440/470/500 (+ 140% Magic Power) magic damage point Deals damage and fling enemies into the air for 1.5 seconds.

She can use this skill while Ocean Oddity is active. By doing so, she unleashes the Breath of the Ocean where she stands and the surge in time becomes faster.

Skill 3: Rough Waves

With the power of the ocean on her command, Kadita becomes untargetable and summons 6 waves with the first wave dealing 300/330/360 (+ 60% Magic Power) magic damage and subsequent waves on one target deal 90% of the first wave’s damage or 270/297/324 (+ 54% Magic Power) magic damage, for a total of 1650/1815/1980 (+ 330% Magic Power) magic damage and slows enemies by 25%.

Six waves then return to her, with the first dealing 200/220/240 (+ 40% Magic Power) magic damage and subsequent waves on a single target dealing only 90% damage for the first wave or 180 / 198/216 (+ 36% Magic Power) magic damage out of 1100/1210/1320 (+ 220% Magic Power) magic damage.

Hitting all waves from both parts of the ability deals up to 2750/3025/3300 (+ 550% Magic Power) magic damage to one target.

Battle spells and Emblems


Battle spell:

Petrify – Flicker – Execute


Mage Emblem: Flow – Observation – Impure Rage

How to build items for Kadita

  • Clock of Destiny + Magic Shoes + Lightning Truncheon + Fleeing Time + Concentrated Energy + Divine Glaive
  • Enchanted Talisman + Magic Shoes + Holy Crystal + Divine Glaive + Ice Queen Wand + Concentrated Energy
  • Enchanted Talisman + Magic Shoes + Concentrated Energy + Ice Queen Wand + Divine Glaive + Immortality

Tips when playing Kadita

Kadita is a highly maneuverable mage and highly resistant to crowd control, but that won’t stop her from being quickly knocked down by enemy assassins or marksmen. She is able to use his mobility in the early game to molest and harass enemies while still relatively safe.

After acquiring a few items, she can begin joining enemies, pushing waves, and roaming to ambush enemies and help his allies. With her quick maneuverability and burst damage, she can take down quickly, especially with too strong or weak targets.

When teamfights break out, Kadita is able to support his teammates by rushing in with teammates and defeating enemies with AoE damage and crowd control.