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Heroes of the Storm: Kael’thas Talent Build Guide


Kael’thas is a long-range Assassin, with exceptional overall damage. All of his skills deal AoE damage, severely punishing enemy teams standing close together. However, he is the definition of “glass-cannon”; His maximum health is low and he has a complete lack of mobility, leaving him completely exposed to enemy assassins and enemies.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Kael’thas



  • Excellent waveclear
  • Very high single and area damage with appropriate talents
  • All of his abilities have an AoE component
  • Gravity Lapse provides crowd control
  • Phoenix is ​​a special partitioning tool
  • Gank effectively in the early game


  • Has extremely low mobility and survivability
  • Requires close attention to the location
  • Completely dependent on Mana
  • Having trouble peeling off the opponent’s Hero’s shirt; constantly asking for the help of allies

Talent Build of Kael’thas

Standard Flamestrike Build

Mana Addict (lv1), Nether Wind (lv4) – Mana Tap, Burned Flesh (lv7), Phoenix (lv10), Pyromaniac (lv13), Ignite (lv16) – Fury of the Sunwell, Flamethrower (lv20).

The Flamestrike standard build focuses on enhancing Flamestrike’s damage and potency, providing him with an even more powerful set of equipment and greater combat capabilities. It is important that Kael’thas try to complete the Mana Addict quest section as soon as possible, as the reward will grant a large shield that can be used for defense to help him survive in the skirmish. All the talents come together on this build, which is what makes it so great. Powering Flamestrike with Verdant Spheres is important to make it easier for you to hit enemy champions, making good use of Ignite or Fury of the Sunwell.

Synergies and Counters

Synergizes with:

Kael’thas requires allies capable of providing him with good transformation and staying stable when he is targeted in teamfights. A solid front line with extensive crowd control will help stop the enemy while the healers can provide a health supply or damage reduction that could prevent him from being captured immediately.

Countered by:

He is defended by highly mobile assassins who can send him behind allied front lines. He will need to rely heavily on his teammate’s support to survive after using split skills or reducing damage.

Maps of Kael’thas

His high AoE and damage to teammates make him an extremely effective pick on smaller maps where fights and skirmishes are frequent. His powerful tsunami also makes him a valuable pick on maps were quickly killing a large number of low-health targets is crucial, such as the Tomb of the Woman. Spider Emperor, Braxis Holdout, and Infernal Shrines.

He also favors maps with narrow lanes and congestion. These snippets tie the enemy together and easily damage his entire team. Try to stay away from large Battlefields with lots of objective locations as this could leave him isolated and picked while his team is split across the map.

Tips and Tricks

  • Since Kael’thas doesn’t have any sort of mobility, positioning is extremely important. Once an enemy Hero is attacking him, he must rely on his ally to assist him. Protect him by being proactive and keeping your distance.
  • Verdant Spheres should be used with Flamestrike when he needs waveclear.
  • Gravity Lapse should only be buffed with Verdant Spheres to catch an enemy Hero hiding behind minions or to stun multiple enemy Heroes.
  • Phoenix can be used to zap enemy Heroes, destroy Mercenaries, clear waves of Minions, and to encircle or protect Forts and Keeps. Its relatively low cooldown encourages him to use it freely.
  • Pyroblast channel behind the wall or front line of him. Try to use it proactively and early in fights, instead of saving it to finish off enemies.
  • Gravity Lapse is difficult to hit. Take the necessary time to land it, as he will not be able to defend if it misses the desired target (s).