April 21, 2021


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Kagura Mobile Legends New Season: Build Up, Emblems



Kagura is a magician hero nicknamed Onmyouji Master in Mobile Legends. Let’s learn how to play, build, Emblems, skills of the heroes the latest season.

Bio of Kagura


Kagura is an Onmyouji capable of using mystical powers to freely travel between the earth and the underworld. Her family is the oldest living person ever. Especially the patriarch who once dedicated himself to fighting evil spirits to protect humans. She was entrusted by her family to the treasure of the Bipolar umbrella – which has the power to change the inherent balance between Yin and Yang realms.

Legend has it that this is a treasure tempered for thousands of years from 100 souls with extraordinary strength. It represents more intellect than people and their lives. Only worthy owners can use it. Her uncle, the Falcon, came to the Dawn continent to carry out his mission of leading the deceased souls to another world that belonged to them. She herself was secretly hiding this magic umbrella here to help her uncle.

Skills of Kagura


Passive: Yin Tang Gathering

The passive helps the hero and umbrella fuse to create a virtual armor that absorbs 300 (+ 180%) magic damage and slows them for 4.5 seconds.

Skill 1: Seimei Umbrella Open

Kagura will move the umbrella to a designated location dealing 330 (+ 130%) magic damage to enemies in its path. Also reduces their movement speed by 60%.

Skill 2: Rashoo Umbrella Flee

She will help you to dispel all adverse effects and move instantly to the specified location. While not holding the umbrella teleports itself there, and deals 205 (+ 90%) magic damage to the victims in the affected area.

Skill 3: Yin Yang Overturn

Kagura, if holding an umbrella in his hand, will attack dealing 260 (+ 120%) magic damage, while repelling and slowing them. Conversely, in the state of bare hands will create a link between the person and the umbrella. Enemies that touch this rope will take 330 (+ 100%) magic damage. If the umbrella moves, it deals 450 (+ 180%) damage with a slow effect.

Skills increasing order from level 1 to 15: 1, 2, 1, 3, 1, 2, 1, 3, 1, 2, 1, 3, 2, 2, 2.

Battle spells and Emblems

Battle spell:

Purify – Retribution – Execute


Mage Emblem: Mastery – Observation  – Impure Rage

How to build

  • Magic Shoes + Clock of Destiny + Lightning Truncheon + Glowing Wand + Concentrated Energy + Holy Crystal
  • Arcane Boots + Clock of Destiny + Lightning Truncheon + Divine Glaive + Holy Crystal + Blood Wings
  • Beast Killer + Magic Shoes + Clock of Destiny + Lightning Truncheon + Winter Truncheon + Clock of Destiny


  • Be the most mobile mage in the game with the ability to swap positions and flick. There are many skills so the combo is very good, 1v1 is not afraid of any hero because you can completely escape easily.
  • The ability to crush and win lane 1v1 in the early game is very good. Capable of going solo 1v2 still holding the pillar safely. Is the strongest hero in triplane from level 1 to level 4.
  • Passive gives you a small armor layer to help you dominate, exchange moves always dominate. The skillset has mini stun and slow effect. The push-out Crowd Control effect is very useful.