April 21, 2021


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Kaja Mobile Legends New Season: Build Up, Emblems



Kaja is currently the best support hero in Mobile Legends as he can deal substantial damage to support as well as provide helpful crowd control for his team. Now, if you’re planning to better understand this hero for use in ranked matches, check out this guide and builder for him!

Skills of Kaja


Passive: Wrath Sanction

Every 6 seconds, the next Basic Attack will have an increased range and sends a lightning bolt that deals 100 (+100% Magic Power) + 4% of the target’s Max HP points of Magic Damage to up to 3 nearby enemies.

Skill 1: Ring of Order

Kaja releases a Ringed Electric Blade that quickly expands and contracts, revealing and dealing 120/150/180/210/240/270 (+70% Magic Power) Magic Damage to enemies hit as well as slowing them by 30% for 1 second.

Each damage dealt to enemy units will reduce the cooldown of Wrath Sanction by 1 second.

Skill 2: Lightning bomb

He dashes towards a designated direction, leaves 3 lightning bombs along the way. When enemy units touch the lightning bombs, they will take 200/230/260/290/320/350 (+120% Magic Power) Magic Damage.

Skill 3: Divine Judgment

Kaja deals 300/450/600 (+150% Magic Power) Magic Damage to a designated enemy hero, suppressing and pulling the target to him for 1.5 seconds.

During that time, the enemy hero’s Magic Defense is reduced by 10/20/30, while he absorbs 200% of the enemy hero’s lost Magic Defense.

Skill combo

Combo 1: skill 1 => basic attack => ultimate => skill 2 => Flicker backward => skill 1. This is a standard combo for him, but it is the best one because, with this combo, the opponent will be knocked to the back of him. That way, your teammates can finish them off pretty easily.

Combo 2: skill 2 => skill 1 => basic attack => ultimate => Flicker backward. If you find it difficult to launch the combo mentioned earlier, then you can use this alternative method and still expect the same result.

Battle spells and Emblems


Battle spell:

Flicker – Arrival

Flicker: This spell is the best choice for Kaja, as Flicker can be combined with his skills. If used properly, the Flicker will be the perfect fighting spell for him.


Support Emblem: Agility – Rupture – Focusing Mark

How to build

  • Shadow Mask + Rapid Boots + Fleeing Time + Ice Queen Wand + Immortality + Queen’s Wings
  • Awe Mask + Rapid Boots + Fleeing Time + Ice Queen Wand + Lightning Truncheon + Winter Truncheon
  • Courage Mask + Warrior Boots + Fleeing Time + Athena’s Shield + Immortality + Brute Force Breastplate

Tips when playing Kaja

Use basic attacks after every skill

Kaja has the passive that increase in his basic attacks. Therefore, you must always go back to basic attacks for a passive effect as this will help him deal significant damage to your opponents.

Use Ultimate to pull Enemy’s Carry

His ultimate can be used to pull any opponent’s hero within his range. If you have mastered his ultimate, then you can focus on dragging the enemy’s troops to make it difficult for the enemy in teamfights.